Dec 9, 2009

All I want for Christmas gifts

First I have to say shame on me, yes I should have been on here at least a week ago and posted about the wonderful surprise I received from Bea ( Holee) in the mail. I have been extremely busy but that no excuse because I know it only takes a few minutes to say thank you and share the kindness and thoughtfulness of others. I also know that Holee has been just as busy and still found time to do this. I came in one night from doing some shopping. Which I didn't enjoy doing alone. So, like I always do I try to carry everything in one trip and barely made it up all those steps to the door. When I went to set the stuff down so I'd have a hand to open the door I seen 2 big boxes sitting there, I instantly looked to see where they came from and they were from Bea. My boring night of shopping suddenly got better and I was doing a little dance. I tried to pick up one of the boxes and it was so heavy I knew it was gonna take more then one trip to get everything the house this time, but it didn't matter I was too excited to see what was in those boxes. OMG! wait til you hear all the things she sent me. I know she put a lot of time and thought into each one of these gifts and she took the time to wrap and make labels for each one. I just can not thank her enough. I hope she knows how much she has lifted my spirit this holiday season.
First thing I want to show you is the absolute adorable sewing machine cover she made me. She must have spent hours working on this. Oh if you could just feel it, it feels so good. I love him so much. Just look at how much personality he has. Garfield is my new most favorite thing in my sewing room. And when I sewing and have to take him off the machine I put him over the back of my chair. He really has livened things up around here.
She also sent me machine needles, pins, ribbon, rick rack, buttons, zippers, two multi packs of guttermans thread in some yummy colors, 3 patterns( I have one picked out from each of those I'll be making very soon),thread conditioner, and some strapping to make handles or belts out of. Look at that stocking, isn't that the cutest thing!! That jingle bell has already found it's place hanging right above my sewing table. All all those beautiful fabrics are going to work perfect with the patterns, plus some...The kids are going to love the fun straws and lollipops. She also sent me a cute snowman coffee cup full of Chocolaty candy that DGS comes back and gets a few pieces of everyday. Now that I look at this pic I realize you can't really see how pretty all those fabrics are,I just love them. She got me a great srapppy quilt book. I have a pattern picked out already. I do love fig newtons and she must have read that some where on the quilting board and remembered. Oh and the three patterns are just perfect. I'll be making one of those CQ bags very soon!! She sent me several different fabric collections more then enough to make any one of the patterns she sent, plus some. These will keep be busy for a long time and you will be seeing many projects made with this in the new year. That yellow roll is golden thimbles quilting paper. I think I'm gonna be hooked on this stuff once I get a chance to give it a try. You know I have a fear of trying to quilt designs. This will let me trace out any design, it sticks to my quilt and then just tears away. Now this should get me over the my hump of straight lines and stipple. I'll make sure and post pics of how that goes when I give it a try. She sent me a magnetic pin holder and I just don't know how I ever lived without one of these. If you don't have one it's a must!!
Last but definitely not least is a wishing pearl necklace. Now, first thing I did was read the card she sent and it say that maybe me and my DGD would enjoy the oyster together. Now, I thought I was reading it work, because I knew I wasn't going to get Katebug to try an oyster so I asked my daughter was I reading it right. Well, sure enough it was a oyster and me and Katebug did enjoy it. It was a wishing pearl and it was still in side the mollusk shell and we had so much fun. We both made a wish and then opened the mollusk and found our pearl inside the oyster. Once we seen what color we got we knew our white pearl was for wisdom. We took the pearl and put it inside the necklace which was just beautiful. Now, I just knew Katebug was gonna want to keep the necklace but she said nanny can we give this to mommy for Christmas. I thought that was a wonderful idea. I wish I had captured how proud she was when she carried her moms present to put it under the tree. Bea, thank you so so much. I'm sure that will be one of those special memories that Katelyn will always remember about her childhood. It's moments like those that last a lifetime.