Mar 25, 2009

Mail Call

Check out this beautiful mini I got from Quiltnrules a member of the HGTV quilting and needle work message board. Isn't is lovely. I was so happy when I seen it, it couldn't have been any prettier. This purplish blue color is my new favorite color. I just loved everything about the mini, she done a fantastic job, can you believe the HST are only 1/2". She doesn't have a blog although I wish she was she makes beautiful quilts. Thank you so much Lisa I adore it.Sorry if it looks a bit wonky, I could not get a straight angel on the pic, for the 2 huge table I've got planted in the middle of my room, one has got to go along with that crummy wall color that makes everything look dingy and dark. My camera takes horrible pics in there but it is so gloomy out side I think it wouldn't have done any better anywhere else. I will get a better pic when the sun shines. I also want to add that Holee hosted this oh so fun swap, you can see all the mini that have arrived on her blog. She has a link to them in her side bar look for it under labels. There is still a few headed to their new home but they will be added to her blog as they come in.

Mar 24, 2009

Sneek peek

Here's a peek at a project I've been working on for some time. Why am I showing you this, because I love checks and have finally sewn them with out them being wonky. I asked Cliff if he thought this was too much, or over powering the other design which I can't show or it will give my surprise away. He liked it, maybe I should have asked someone that doesn't love bold as much as him, but since he gave me the thumbs up on this over the more subdued fabric, I'm going for it.

Mar 20, 2009

I 'm making something

I 'm making something that I haven't seen on any other blogs, I made my own pattern for these and they are just too cute! I'll be putting a tutorial together for these right after I get back from the COF quilting retreat, which is a fast approaching. So if you are looking for something creative to make for yourself, group of friends or as gifts this just might be it. I wanted to make gifts for all 70 of the ladies attending this retreat. Now, 70 is a BIG number when you only have a few weeks to do this. I do not like making things for people unless I think they will actually use it, other wise it just gets tossed or sits on a shelf somewhere to add to the clutter. Now, how do you make something for that many people and not spend a bundle, but make something that doesn't look like it came from the $ store. You make it yourself, and personalise it. I can't go into any more detail right now or I might give it away, but be on the look out because around the end of April first of March I have a nice tutorial to share with all. I'm sure you can change this up and add your own little touch to it and make it your own, but remember I'm on crunch time and have 70 to make so I'll show you my basic pattern. I drafted a pattern and then sewed one together for a trial...errrr... made some adjustments, tried again, still not uqite right, but the third time was a charm. So, hope you will like it, and make some for all your family and friends.

You can make it

Would you like a chance to win a new Janome.Well, here's your chance. Just go to this wonderful site for a chance to win. I like this blog and thanks to tisme for sharing it with us.

Mar 16, 2009

Progress on DD's quilt

I'm so happy with the way this one is turning out. I love the fabric and the pattern. This is the first quilt I've made that I haven't second guessed myself on. I'm totally happy with it. I know she will be happy to just finally get a quilt, but I think she will be pleasantly surprised at the my color choices. This is a very simple pattern but the fabric just makes this quilt in my opinion. I learn something with each and every quilt I make and I think I finally learn my best lesson on this one, it doesn't have to be a difficult block to have punch, it's all about color. Did I tell you how much I love this quilt. That's unusual for me to be completed happy with what I'm making, but I'm more then happy, I'm thrilled!!
Now do you see something wrong in this next picture? It's not my oh so needed ironing board cover. Yes, you got it, I should have put right sides together but not me I do this way to often. You would think that as many times as I've had to frog blocks I've done this to I would take extra precautions. I do, I start out every time thinking now make sure you have them right sides together. Then next thing you know my mind has done went off into which colors should be next to each other or getting those edges lined up perfectly and now even realizing all that doesn't matter because I'll have to take it all apart in the end.

Mar 14, 2009

Working on my to-do list

I've been working very hard to get my to-do list down. I'm going to my first retreat in April and can't tell you how excited I am. I've had so many things to do to prepare for this, that I haven't got much quilting done but am making some progress. I have finished my cuppa blocks. I only had to make 3 sets before I got them right. Here's a peek at them before they head out the door Monday morning. I'm going to be working on my t-shirt challenge for the retreat today and tomorrow. I've also been working on my PIF gifts while I watch American Idol. These have quite a bit of hand work so they are nice to work on while watching TV. I've also started the blocks for my DD's quilt. I'm loving the colors of these.

Mar 9, 2009

Tea/ Coffee Cup Pouches

I joined a cuppa swap on the HGTV board and we are swapping tea/coffee cup blocks. Fun, fun, fun I like all the cup quilts I've been seeing, and for me I love scrappy so the variety will be perfect. I sure am hoping we do another swap making the kettles. I would like to have kettles in my quilt too. I wanted to show you the little tea cup pouches I made for my 9 partners. I ahd a hard time with the zippers but I still think they turned out so cute and hope they like them.

Mar 8, 2009

The Black and Whit challenge

I joined the black and white challenge a few months back and have finally made a decision on my pattern and fabrics. So, here is a sneak peek. I was originally going to go with a robins egg blue but when I seen this green it jumped in my arms. I know my daughter will love this quilt. She loves B&W and green is her favorite color. She is also a big fan of bold prints and bright colors, so this will be a big hit with her.

Mar 6, 2009

The true loves of my life

I do have a pic I can share with you today. These are my precious grandchildren.
Top left is Blake he has the biggest heart, he is so caring, giving and thoughtful. He's only 10 but he already has a weekend job. He works on a farm. Jim a friend of the family seen how hard he works and enjoys every job you give him, so he gave him a real job earning wages. Blake saves most of his money, but what he does spend, he spends on others. While I was over keeping a eye on them the other day, I heard water running so I had to go investigate and my precious boy was doing up the dishes for mommy. He is full of energy and puts it to good use. He always gives me a big hug and tells me he loves me. He is a big part of my heart, a true delight, and is always thinking of others
Top right, is miss Katelyn the super star. She's all girl and a true princess you see. She loves attention and gets it. She loves to sing, dance and put on shows for us. She is not shy, and always says just what's on her mind. She's a big talker and is older then her age, she may only be 6 but she can carry a conversation like an adult. She is a book worm and her spelling skills are lets just say better then mine. She excels in her school work. She's cute and she will tell you how cute she is, LOL. If you say oh Katelyn you look so cute, she says I know. She is the only girl and knows just how to work pap paw, she has put her girls skills to work on him many times. She know a few bats of the eyelashes and she wins. She has taught me a few things about living life to it's fullest. She is a such a joy it often brings tears to my eyes.
Bottom left, Keith our mr mischievius. He is so sweet and loving you just want to squeeze him. When he comes running to the door to greet me with his arms all stretched out, hollering nana all the way, it makes my heart melt. He loves to investigate and explore new things. He is a danger to him self at times. He started early too, as soon as he could crawl he was a climbing and in to every thing he could get his hands on. If he couldn't reach it he found a way. He's not near as bad about climbing as he use to be but I still have to keep a very close eye on him, because you just never know about him. Locked doors and high up places don't stop him, LOL. He just turned 2 and is talking up a storm. Me and Keith have a special bond, that even I can't explain. He thinks I'm his nana and only his, he thinks I should never leave and go home and if mom stops by for a visit you can bet he'll let everyone know he wants to stay with nana. I can take him anywhere and he is so well behaved, a little gentleman for sure, now if I can get him to do this at home. He just got a big boy bed and has learned to use to potty. He's growing up far too fast for me. He is so fun loving, always puts a smile on my face and keeps me young at heart.
Bottom right, John, he is so gentle and animated. You can see exactly what he thinking by the look on his face. He is so full of personality. He's almost 2yrs, he doesn't talk much but says it all with expressions. He has a face for everything. There is so much I could say about John, I'll just have to pick a few. He is an only child and good at keeping his self busy. He has always loved music, he will stop dead in his tracks to listen to a song playing. He loves to cook, give him some pots and a spoon and he's content for hours. It is funny to watch but he is so neat and tidy. If he gets his shirt wet when drinking, he wants a clean one. He keeps his toys right where he thinks they go. If one of the other kids leaves his leapfrog and the floor he picks it up and puts it back on his table, he knows his tools go on the work bench and his plastic french fries go in his play kitchen. I think he will be a neat freak like his mother. I have never seen his his room a mess, it just amazes me how he puts everything back where he got it. He's not one to get into things, he knows what his and what's not. I have to say his favorite thing would be his dog and outdoors, he could stay outside rain, shine, sleet or snow. He is also a momma's boy, as bad as I want to call him mine he's hers. It's usually bath time when mom gets home from work but as soon as he hears the horn beep from locking the car doors, it's all over for me. He can't get out of the tub fast enough to see his mommy. I love when he gets tired he crawls up in my lap and lays his little head down and goes right off to sleep. It like heaven for me to have him in my arms.
You know it's a funny thing how each one is so different. I wouldn't change one thing about either one of them, I love them all with every bit of my heart. When I think of any one of them I feel so blessed, it makes me cry with joy just thinking of them.

Blake, So loving and thoughtful!! Katelyn, Our super star!!! Keith, Mr. mischievous!! John, is gentle and animated!!

Mar 5, 2009

I've been busy

I spent the last 2 days cutting 75 FQ's, 30 for Bingo Bonnie's FQ bingo and the others for the COF quilting retreat which is in April. I'm so excited, this will not only be my first retreat but I will get to meet 70 on my HGTV online friends. How great is that??? That's what that countdown clock in my sidebar is for. I bet you thought I was just into hunky guys,LOL. The hunky guys is a pic of some PJ's that were worn to the last retreat and I thought they made a cute clock for us 70 crazy ladies. It won't be long now, as bad as I want to go, I'll miss have that clock, LOL..

I also joined the Scraps to Treasure challenge this year. Is is going to be fun, not only are all the quitls going to charity but it will make me put my thinking cap on. I'm just not that creative of a person, but it doesn't stop me from trying. After all it's not about who wins but who finishes right and we all have fun and someone somewhere get a great quilt. There was 58 of us sign up this year, so come see the show over on the HGTV message board and vote for mine, hehe. Just kidding, you won't know who's is who's until after the voting. Doesn't hurt to have wishful thinking though. I will post when the show is, the ladies have made some very nice quilts in the past 3 yrs. and we all love pics.

I have so many things I's like to show you but they have all been pretty secret projects up to this point. I let one quilt get out the door before taking a pic of it. I'm going to try to remember to get a pic of all the other things before sending them off so you can see what I've been up to. I know I'm not the master of quilting and have tons to learn but good or bad I'm showing it. The way I look at it is at least I gave it my all and who knows it might make someone very happy and say "hey come look at this, I'm not such a bad quilter after all, what was she thinking". I know I ask myself that a lot. I always start out thinking i have a good plan and by the time I finish, I'm not happy with it, only happy to be finished. I know one day I will make a quilt that when all is said and done I will love. I feel that day coming, just wish it would hurry up and get here. I'm taking a class at the retreat on overlay applique. Quiltbea is teaching this class. She made some of the most beautiful applique Caroline ladies and this is what we will be learning. I know I have it in me, if I can just find it, I'll make me some too.

I'm off today is my day off so I've got to go fabric zipper and rick rack shopping to finish up several projects that have to be done soon.One more thing, Cliff's been doing pretty good and it been at least q month since I'v ehad to call an ambulance and that feels good. I've got to say it has all wore me down a bit and I've been feeling less the perfect for the last few weeks but i think it is all from stress and allergies. It's so spring like here and our temps will be in the 70's all week crazy huh, especially since last week was freezing and some had snow. I just heard Cliffs feet hit the floor so guess I have to run, talk to you later. Have a great day!!!