Jan 31, 2009

Meet my Cat family

Last years some stray cats turned up out here, and they looked like they were about to starve to death. So, I fed them, they were afraid of me at first, but now they're my babies. Only thing is I've got 2 more babies this year, I don't have the heart to part with them so we've decided if we are going to keep them we'll have to take them all in and get em fixed. The 2 new ones are the gray with white and the Siamese. The big fat black one was next to death when I found them. Her head was the size of a well between a golf and tennis ball, but it looked huge because her body was so scroony that she couldn't hardly hold her head up. She also has a deformed foot. She took to me right away and she's my best buddy. It took the other ones a little longer to realize I was there friend. I didn't push them to come to me, I just let them do it in their own time. I have given them quilty/sewing names; Buttons, bobbins, Noodles, Zipper and Patch. I wanted to include the babies in the picture so I had to take it through the back door window, they just now got where they will come up on the porch to eat with the others and I don't want to spook them. I have a picture of a big black snake they killed too, but I'll spare you and not post that pic.

Katelyn, loved her cowgirl skirt so much she asked me to make her another. She didn't have another skirt to add a ruffle to, so I thought since Katelyn always wears the knees out on her jeans from crawling we could just cut those off and use them. So, her mom went and found me a pair and it worked. I left the pants intact just cut the legs off. I still need to make a orange belt to go with them. I'm thinking about putting a piece of rick rack on the top edge of the ruffle, not sure yet. I so glad she likes them because she goes through pants so fast crawling around all the time. Guess I could have cut those legs off a little more even, but my original plan was to rip the seams out and make it a skirt when I realized most of her skirts have shorts built into them so there was no need to do the extra work. If this one looks good on her, Katelyn has several pairs of holey kneed pants so, I may be busy for awhile. I realized today that I have nearly 90 posts so I've been wanting to do a give away for some time just haven't had time or a clue as what to give. Lately my brain has been overloaded, so the best I can come up with based on my thought of what would be a good gift to give that most would love, is fabric. We quilters do love fabric. Now, I can't decide on what fabric, but I have about 10-12 more post to go before deciding. Oh well, guess I'll figure it out. until then I just wanted to let you know that sometime here real soon I'll be doing a give away. I would let Katelyn pick but there is just no telling what you might end up with, but it is a thought, we'll see. Do you think it would be better to do more yardage of one fabric or FQ pack? Or maybe I could offer different ones to choose from. Gosh, maybe I should just go to bed and quit thinking!!!

Jan 29, 2009

Got some sewing done this week

I finally got around to finishing some things. My DGD school is having western day tomorrow, so we thought instead of buying an outfit we'd just add this ruffle and belt to this skirt for her. She loves it. I did have to go back and sew around outside top of the ruffle to keep it from poofing up so much. I had already taken the picture before I took it over to see if she liked it. Once we got it on her we decided it wasn't laying down too well, so I pulled out Katelyn's mini Janome she got for Christmas and run another seam on top and wa-la, it worked and looked great on her. I wish I had of took my camera with me, so you could see it on her. And speaking of Katelyn she making her new cousin a quilt. She's doing quite well I'll show pics soon of her progress. I have a few to take apart but most of her seams turned out good.Next I made a roll-up for my sisters paint brushes. She needed something to carry them in to class. I told her a while back I'd make on for her but just got around to getting it done. I made this just like they make the crayon roll-ups only I added a handle and vinyl to the inside. I put vinyl over the inside fabric so when she put her brushes back in and there still wet it will work out better. I still have to pick the tissue paper out of the seams. I didn't know vinyl wouldn't feed thought the machine so I laid that on top the vinyl so it would feed through. I was going to sew a flap of vinyl to fold down over the top of them too, but thought it might make it hard to get the brushes out so I'm just going to lay a piece of the vinyl inside to lay over the top of them too. I left the ribbon pretty long because I wasn't sure how much she'd need to wrap around, she said she usually carries 30 brushes to class. I didn't know they made 30 different brushes. I learned something about painting! I hope it works good for her, if not I'll try again and try to work it out. I also got some pants mended for a friend which have been mended so many times before the only thing that was holding them together was the seams. What is it with men that they won't give their pants up even when they are practically all patched up. Just about every part of these jeans have been patched. I don't doubt that in 6 more months I see these pants come back to me. I also got some mini's done, Ill be posting them in the next week or so once my partner has received them
Wanted to update this post. My sister got her roll-up and loves it. She said it is just what she needed. Here's the pic she sent me with the brushes in it.

Jan 27, 2009

Choosing a Happy Attitude

Today I read a post on a blog I like to read and it was such a nice post, that I thought it worth sharing. The post is on Michele's blog- with Heart and Hand here is a link the post, titled Choosing a Happy attitude.

Jan 26, 2009

Lecien fabric

My fabrics came today, I only ordered 1/2 yards pieces of these, because they are rather expensive and more then I normally like to pay. I just couldn't resist them they are so soft and pretty. I have always wanted a quilt made with soft, girly fabrics. So I thought I could stretch theses by using a pattern that has a lot of white background fabric. Boy, did I make a mistake because now that I have them and looked at them all day, I think I need more. The greens and pinks are my favorite, don't you just love them? I think these will make the perfect quilt to go on the rope bed in the spare room. I have my sisters painting hanging over that bed and the room has such a feminie look to it already, with the dainty tables and things I can't wait to see a quilt made of these in there. It's my favorite room, has just a easy feeling about it. Reminds of the days back when kids played outside, going to town was a big event, and grandma washed our cloths on the wringer washer. Gosh, it really wasn't that long ago, but such a different age. I remember we'd all gather round and grandma played the organ and Bill on his guitar, and we'd all be singing. I remember eating squirrel dumpling, and drinking goats milk-might be why I hate milk! Bill made his own shot gun shells, brewed his own beer. And every morning we had to go gather the eggs from the hen house. I hated that job because there were always snakes in the hen house trying to beat us to the eggs. If we didn't raise it, grow it or kill it we didn't eat it. I think grandma even made her own lard and soap. Me and my siter use to have to fill the tub up in the morning and let it sit in the sun all day to warm so we could get our bath. I really miss those days when you could let your kids out to play and not worry that someone would come along and snatch them up. I'll tell you about a day I remember so vividly. Bill (my step grandfather) got drunk and passed out in the yard, so grandma told me and my middle sister if we went out and got bill check book out of his pocket she'd take us to town for ice cream. So, we did! We never went to town but once every couple of months so we were just thrilled. Now, I don't know what happened when bill woke up and found his pocket empty and all of us gone but it's just one of those days I've never forgot. Any how, that's what this fabric reminds me of clothes hanging on the line and sitting on the porch, the good old days.

Jan 16, 2009

A few good things to post about

First up is, I'm thrilled to say I have won a Moda jelly roll from Debi in the Whirl into winter giveaway. Hers was the only one I entered, I just haven't had time to do much blogging lately. So, I was so surprised when I read my email that I had won. I had totally forgotten about this. It's the Harvest Home line. I've never worked with a jelly roll, but I'm very excited about winning and can't wait to see it.
Second, I've been so worried that I would fall behind on the swaps I signed up for, but am glad to announce that I have completed my PC's on time. Just need to fill them out and get them mailed. I have also made great progress on the mini swap I'm in as well.The next pressing deadline is for the cuppa swap on the HGTV board, not quite sure of how many to make yet but have a plan for my blocks and will try to get stared on these soon. So, it's looking like I'll make my deadlines after all.
I have a couple other projects to complete for the COF retreat. I haven't even started on these. I do have a plan, but haven't made it to get the things I'll need to complete these, so this is high up on my list as well.
I;ve also started thinking about the PIF gifts I need to make for Holee, tisme, and Lani. I haven't forgottn you ladies. I know I have several months before these are due. I've just been planning at this point.
There are other challenges I've signed up for but the deadlines aren't that close yet. So, I'm going to concentrate on these first. I don't want too much to think about at one time. I do know that I won't be joining any more swaps for a while. Just don't think I have the time right now. I love swaps but I have other priorities at this time.
Just want everyone to know I'm working very hard to meet my obligations. Wish I could show pics of the PC's and mini but they are secret swaps. They will be going out soon so I'll post a pic once they have been received.

Jan 11, 2009

I'm sitting here wondering what tomorrow will bring.

I really want to thank everyone for helping me through this tough time and tell you how things are going right now. Cliff"s very confused most of the time. Example, I thought he was all tucked in for the night so I set down to relax and sew on some binding and hear Cliff get up and get dressed. He walks into the living room and says where's my phone, well it's right there beside your chair. He sits down and says what time is it. I said 10:30, why, where you going, knowing he can't drive. He said don't I have to go to work. I said Cliff, you retired about 5 years ago, and haven't worked since. He said, well what do I need to do then. I said well you probably need to lay down since you have dialysis in the morning, but I'm going to check your sugar and give you your night shot. He said okay, where's my wallet. So, I'm thinking his sugar has got to be high or low, so I do my check and it in good range, but I fix him his snack he has to have at night so his sugar don't drop too low. Amazingly he ate the whole sandwich and all his fruit. I have had the hardest time getting him to eat all day. I cooked him a nice breakfast, and I grilled him some fish for supper and all he had was maybe 2 bites. But when I fix him a sandwich he devours it, go figure! I'm starting to feel a bit confused myself!! I'm not sure Cliff will fully recover from this last episode but I love him just the same. He was always a quiet man, but he seems to do a lot more talking now, even if it doesn't make sense sometimes, I enjoy it anyway. I'm glad he's able to get in and out of the tub, that was the difficult part for me. I do have to keep a close eye on him, because today things seemed to be going pretty well and he was sleeping. So I went to my sewing room to do some quilting on a mini. When I came out he was up and sitting in his chair. So I got supper ready and I always give him his meds at that time. Since he has so many meds and has to take some once a day and some twice I get up in the mornings and set them all up and put them in ziplocks marked morning and night. Well, Cliff had already took his night meds and I still don't know when or how, I just wonder if that don't explain his confusion. Now, I can't help wonder how in the world he got hold of the bag, I had it put up. I'm concerned he might just decide to get up one day and go somewhere, no knowing where he's going. Not to mention that he's not been able to drive for several months now. I sure was glad I was up tonight or I guess he'd been off working somewhere. All and all, I have to say it was a good day, after all we're still here. I did make a mess of the mini with the SID quilting though. I'd show it but I'm a bit embarrassed about it. Maybe in the next few days when I can laugh about it I'll give you a look.

Jan 9, 2009

A better day

I'm having a good day today. Cliff had an allergic reaction to one of his meds but that's all been resolved. I had a conversation with someone special to me, and it has helped me to be less stressed about some things I've been going through. I know life's not always a bed of roses and there is always going to be ups and downs. It's just when the going gets tough you sometimes need that encouragement to stay up, and just do the best you can. I might try to do a bit of sewing today. I think it will do everyone some good. I want to thank you for your nice comments and being there for me. It helps me to vent and just gets things out that are weighing me down. I feel things are starting to get back on track a bit more and I'm sorry I'm just rambling on. It just feels good to have a moment to write and read some of your blogs. hoping you all have a wonderful day, Donna

Jan 2, 2009


Cliff is off the ventilator and responding, when I talk to him. I want to thank you all for your prayers. I guess I should tell you how he got in this shape. Well when I came home that day, Cliff had ate 7 or 8 Popsicles , That's a big no-no. He's diabetic and on dialysis, he is not suppose to have sugar or over 8oz. of fluid a day, just enough to take his meds. Maybe just maybe he will stick to his strict diet this time. I told him tonight I was throwing away all his popscicles, he didn't like that, so I knew he knew what I was saying. Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers, it has been a comfort to me knowing that you all were praying for him.

Jan 1, 2009

Prayers needed

Just a quick post. My Cliff is in very critical condition. I came home from babysitting and knew right away something terrible was wrong. Please, please pray for him. They had to give him emergency dialysis to remove the fluid from his heart. His blood pressure had sky rocketed, his blood sugar was higher then they have ever seen before(1200), They have managed to get his temps down but he's still in grave danger and I won't know the result of the cat scan on his brain until tomorrow. He's still non responsive and on a ventilator.