Dec 26, 2008

A Miracle for Christmas

Today I seen my granddaughter walk for the first time. Just a few months ago she stood for the first time. She went to therapy for nearly 4 yrs. but the therapist said they were going to stop her therapy because she hadn't made any progress, and was unable to stand or walk, that was about a year and a half ago. My daughter and her family moved down to Ga. 1 yr. ago, and since then Katelyn has gotten new doctors and therapist. The found that she didn't have control a certain muscle that she needed to walk, so they designed braces specially for her needs. Katelyn is nearly 7 now. She spent the her whole life on the floor or in a wheelchair. She could crawl but could never stand, so I never seen her upright until today. Today was the first time I seen Katelyn walk, I couldn't help but cry, I tried to hold it in for her, but it was a very emotion moment for me. I was told about a month ago that she was starting to walk, but the school would keep her braces and walker and just send her wheelchair home. They said it was just too much to transport everyday. So since Katelyn liked walking at school, it was her choice to keep them there. Katelyn loves to sew and make dotee dolls with me, since she decided she wanted to come stay with me tonight, I think we'll make a valentine dotee together. I hope who ever receives her dotee in the swap loves it. here's a link to the youtube video if you'd like to see her.

I've been trying

to upload a video for the past few hours but I keep getting a failed message. So I also tried to upload to youtube so I could post a link. I'm not sure if I done something wrong when making the video or have done something wrong trying to upload. I've uploaded videos before with no problem. This file may be too large or something. If I can't get it on this try, I'll make a new video tomorrow and post it then. It looks like I may have some success with the youtube this time but I not certain. I hope I can get it posted for those who have been waiting all day. If not I apologise, and remake a video tomorrow.

Dec 21, 2008

Reindeer Poop, Snowman Kisses & Chocolate Cherry Mice

My last minute goodies for kids, friends, teachers, co-workers and we can't forget our oh so loved postman and the UPS drivers, after all they bring us packages all year!!!!! What simple gifts to let them know you are thinking of them. First up is the reindeer poop, just some chocolate covered raisins with printed labels attached. For the snowman kisses I used white chocolate chips with peppermint chocolate baking chips with labels. Pretty simple and fun. Next up is the Chocolate Cherry mice, these are too cute and so yummy. First I might add don't tell hubby it pick you up a few cherries and make sure they have stems or you just might end up with too many. Be a little more specific then I was, LOL. Here's what you need to make these .
1 bag chocolate chips, melted
1bag of white chips, but you only need a few for the tip of the nose so the extra are for the snowman kisses, melted and add the food color, which is the next ingredient.
Red food color to go in the white chips.
Almond slivers for the ears.
And of course just a small jar maybe 2 of maraschino cherries with stems which become the tail.
1 bag of coconut for the snow.
Now you can either make boxes out of card stock, scrap booking paper(there is a tutorial on Youtube) or you use tins or just what ever you can think up for packaging.
I'll add a pic of the labels I printed to use, I'm going to add ribbon around the top of the tin and attach the label to the ribbon.

Dec 19, 2008

I admit it

I'm bad, I'm very bad! I will blame a few of my blogging buddies for part of this bad breakfast this morning. I've read too many scrumptious cookie and candy recipes this week!! They say you are what you eat. I guess that makes me Fast, Cheap, and Easy!!! Why don't I weigh 300lbs? Most of the time I eat pretty healthy, making healthy food isn't that difficult after all, maybe that's why I can get by eating the crazy things I eat for breakfast. I spotted the french vanilla ice cream this morning and that set my sweet tooth off, but plain ole ice cream isn't enough for me, I had to crush up a butterfinger and add that to the mix , along with some pecan halves I got from my daughters yard. It was looking pretty good, but something was missing, AH HA chocolate syrup. May not be a breakfast of champions, but it was wonderful to me. Now I'm ready to go do some machine quilting.

Dec 17, 2008

Creating keepsake ornaments

I'm sorry the original link didn't go to the page for how this works and the tag to use so I've added this link which will take you to the tag for the ornaments. Today, I learned that crafters all over the world are making homemade ornaments and leaving them in public places for others to find with a tag downloaded from the Creating keepsake ornaments blog. This is so much fun and a great way to share the spirit of giving. I made 3 drop offs to day. The first one I made at the news stand. The second at the station near the house, and the 3rd on the way to my DD's. Now , on the third on I did the drop and went in to buy a drink, and on my way out I seen a man had already pulled up to the pump and found the little snowman. He had the biggest smile, of course he didn't know it was from me, but it sure made me smile too. If you are interested in doing this here the link.

Men are funny!!

About a month ago I asked Cliff how he'd like a Ga. bulldog quilt made with the wonky log cabin block I found on Jacquie's blog . I showed him a picture of her quilt and explained how I"d fussy cut the bulldawgs for the middle, what fabric I'd use for the logs and he simple said no, he didn't like that idea. But I like hers so much, I was going to make it any way, but for my grandson who loves the bulldawgs too. He has his whole room done in Ga. Bulldawgs. Well any way, I made the quilt, and the whole while Cliff keeps coming to my sewing room and looking at the blocks on the wall. He never says anything, but he never does say much. He just looks and walks away. So last night I finally get the other 2 border pieces on, and bring it to the living room to lay it out and see what I need for backing, but don't have enough of any of the coordinating fabrics to use for backing. So, I tell him I'll have to go get some Bulldawg fabric for backing, he said "Are you ready" , I said "ready for what" , He says "ready to go get the backing for MY quilt". I just looked at him totally confused, and said this isn't your quilt, I made this for Blake, you told me you didn't want one like this. He didn't like that! Now, I certainly have enough to make him on like it, so looks like I'll be making another one of these soon. He thinks he's getting this one, but it's going under the tree. I had originally planned on making my grandson a cowboy quilt. I collected cowboy fabric for a year, but when I told him I was making it he didn't seem happy about it. He just wanted some GA. bulldawg curtains for his room. He will be toally shooked to see I made his favorite "The Georgia Bulldawgs" quilt. I think I'll use all that cowboy fabric to make quilts for the NICU and underprivileged kids in our area, after all I have yards and yard of it. I have such a long list of too do's this year, I hope I can get them all done. I think in 2010 I'll get to make me a quilt, but I said that about 2008 & 2009 too. We'll see. I also got the cafe style curtains made for my daughter. I had to make 2 sets of panels , I hope they look good in her kitchen.

Dec 15, 2008

Chili peppers

My DD has asked me for the last year to make her some chili pepper place mats. They took me 2 days to make and I know I should have done it sooner. But I just had too many other things going on. Now she has no idea she's getting these. I'll put them under the tree. The colors go perfectly with her kitchen. I thought when I started these yesterday that they'd be pretty simple and only take a day, forgetting about all the binding which took a whole day to stitch down. I would have never thought it would have taken me 2 days to make 4 simple place mats, LOL. I watch a lot of sewing show and they make things look so simple. I watch Sewing with Nancy yesterday, and she constructed a nice bag with a zipper closure and lining. Now she done the whole thing in a 30 minute episode. I told Cliff it's not as easy as she makes it look. She a very experienced seamstress and makes things look as simple, but it not quite so simple for me. Maybe I should have just bought the place mats!!
Now, I'm off to make some kitchen curtains for DD#2. She has her kitchen all done up in apples, it's really cute. Everytime me and Cliff go to Cracker Barrel we can't leave without buying something for her kitchen, I'm hoping they'll get in some chili pepper stuff, before my other daughter feels forgotten. I have some great fabric to work with and I am hoping they turn out nice. I've made plenty of curtains so maybe I'll get these done in a timely matter, so I can finish a couple other things I like to make before Christmas. I thought I was done with all my gifts, but I just keep thinking of all the things everyone would love to have and I can make. I'm even thinking if I have time I'll make matching pot holders and dish towels with the small amount of fabric I have left over.

Nickilee's Ravioli Dreams is having a giveaway!!!

It is in honor of Christmas and the spirit of giving. Nicki has put together some CQ items for this giveaway. Now, all you have to do is take a guess at what time her oldest son was born on Dec. 13th. and leave a comment. Simple enough, but I think it would be nice to post a link back to her blog. You should really check her blog out, she a amazing CQ artist, she also does the most beautiful lace dying. Her creativity is endless. She is definitely an inspiration to all. Her blog is alive with color of her work. Nickilee"s Ravioli Dreams

Dec 7, 2008

My attempt at Holiday PC's

I join a swap for Holiday PC on the HGTV message board. I had to make 4, I made several with the button wreaths and then got worried that they might not go through the mail. So I made some that I could just stick stamps on and mail. I ordered some plastic envelopes for the button ones so I'll probably just send everyone 2 PC. Now for me the hard part is deciding which one to send to who!

Dec 6, 2008

Confessions of a craft addict

Is having and amazing giveaway. This is a special giveaway, and a great way to let others know about charities you support and how they can help. Hop on over and join this giveaway.
Confessions of a craft addict

Dec 4, 2008

To give of yourself is the greatest gift of all.

Here's a Youtube video, I borrowed the link form Lani's blog. I think giving of yourself is the greatest gifts of all. For you and them!!!

Dec 2, 2008

Mini quilt swap

I received the fabrics from my partner Gina for the mini quilt in a bag swap. She likes traditional with a twist quilts. I had a few ideas before I got the fabric, but they all flew out the door once I seen the fabrics. I drew a total and complete blank as what to do. I have been searching high and low on the web and through every book I have looking for the perfect traditional with a twist pattern for the fabrics. I've only come up with one that I think might work, but still hesitant to cut into them yet. I'm open for any and all suggestions.