Dec 19, 2008

I admit it

I'm bad, I'm very bad! I will blame a few of my blogging buddies for part of this bad breakfast this morning. I've read too many scrumptious cookie and candy recipes this week!! They say you are what you eat. I guess that makes me Fast, Cheap, and Easy!!! Why don't I weigh 300lbs? Most of the time I eat pretty healthy, making healthy food isn't that difficult after all, maybe that's why I can get by eating the crazy things I eat for breakfast. I spotted the french vanilla ice cream this morning and that set my sweet tooth off, but plain ole ice cream isn't enough for me, I had to crush up a butterfinger and add that to the mix , along with some pecan halves I got from my daughters yard. It was looking pretty good, but something was missing, AH HA chocolate syrup. May not be a breakfast of champions, but it was wonderful to me. Now I'm ready to go do some machine quilting.


  1. OMG that looks so good!

    Bad, Bad, Bad, Everything!
    Now I'm looking for something to eat!

    I can't eat ice cream, but I sure can dress up a cup of oatmeal!

    ~ Jes

  2. ughhhh why did I read this after midnight!!!! Now you have my craving pecan's....
    Ok well I found a mini butterfinger (left over from Halloween treats)
    guess that will have to hold me over...

  3. Love the idea, but I do not even have ice cream at home, let alone here at work. As for odd breakfasts, working nights I have a very backword dining habits. My rule of thumb is, if it can be eaten for lunch or dinner, it works for breakfast as well.

  4. Looks good and probably ok to do once in a while. I had butter pecan fudge with my coffee one morning.

  5. that looks so good!
    it's Ok to be bad now and again.. enjoy!
    Have a lovely Christmas and New Year
    Hugs Julia ♥


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