Jul 19, 2008

Ripe time

I told cliff to go up to the property on the mountain and get me some of the apple. I knew it was time for them. They are usually always small but make the best pies. I will be picking some green tomatoes this week too, looks like there will be too many getting red at once. So tomorrow I guess it will be fried green tomatoes.

Busy week

I have had one busy week. I have made more dottee dolls,made another tote( I got the tutorial for on the welsh quilters blog spot, which is in my blog list), worked on a CQ block, making blocks for a Christmas applique quilt, Took my sweet granddaughter to Chattanooga for her MRI,she will be having surgery on her spine and had to take care of all the things are getting ripe in the garden. I have adopted 4 baby kittens that were starving out in the field. The mom was skin and bones and the babies looked near death ,well not anymore. The mother cat loves me but the babies are still scared. I can see them through the window when I put food out each morning. They are all making great progress. I have gave them quilting names, MOM is Moda and the kittens Noodles, Stash, Kona, and Batik. I can't show some of these pfojects until they are done because they are for swaps and have to be kept secret, but here is what I can show.

Jul 8, 2008

Todays prices

I seen a sign that shows the reaction of most drivers . I can't help but wonder what this next generation is going to do with the price of housing, food and everyday necessities. I can't imagine how difficult it must be for someone just starting out. My daughter just bought a house and paid what I could have bought 4 similar houses for at her age. Where does this leave those that are not fortunate enough to have an education. I don't imagine that people working for minimum wage even make much more then what a tank of gas cost, much less the insurance. I really worry about the young folks coming up in today world. There is so many things going on that was just unheard of when I was young. I know God has a plan for each and everyone of us. I am so grateful that I won't have to endure some of the things going on in todays world. I would love to be young again, but not if I had to face what this next generation will.

Jul 5, 2008

Finished my only UFO

This is the double pinwheel quilt that been hanging out waiting to be finished. I usually finish everything I start but this had some how got left behind. I have no more unfinished projects other then the ones I have recently started. It always feels good to finish a quilt. This one turned out so bright and cheery.I put it across the van to get the pic because it was so large. It is for my daughter. I like this pattern and am sure to do this one again, maybe in some batiks.

A day at Stone Mtn. Ga.

Wow we had a great time. My brother and sister in law came down from Ky to spend the 4th with us.Although it was very hot that day, they had plenty of shops to browse and cool off in. I bought some hand blown glass roosters to add to my collection. We took the cable car to the top of the Mtn. There's fabulous views from up there. We also took the train ride around the mtn. We rode the ducks around the lake and seen the worlds largest laser light show, followed by fireworks. Here is some pics of the park and some of my family.This is my brother and his wife. This is Cliff, my daughter and my grandson John.And last but not least we had a wonderful dinner at Miss katies country cooking restaurant.Can't you tell it was delicious.