Nov 7, 2010

Got a few things finished

This is a little miniature scarecrow I made for a swap and then decided it just wasn't something I thought my partner might like. He's about 14" tall.

So, I made this for her and it felt more like what I thought she was hoping for. It's the size of a piece of printer paper.

And then I finally finished this queen size top that I had made about a year and a half ago. I lost this top more then once during my moves and just about everything that could possibly delay it being finished happened but in the end, we were all happy with how it turned out. The piecing and top itself turned out great but my quilting on this was not some of my best work. It was easy to for me to see I hadn't quilted in awhile but no one else seem to see what I seen. That's the wonderful part about making quilts for others they love them no matter what and never pick every little stitch apart like I do on my own work. But I've always felt done is better then perfect, so I'm very happy with how it turned out.

Aug 18, 2010


I have neglected my blog for so long. I really have missed blogging, but sometimes life happens and we have to prioritize and get things back on track. Many changes in the last year for me but it's just one of those bumps in the road we all have.

1st.. I will be back sewing and blogging full force by OCT. Yeah!!!!

2nd.. my oldest DGS Blake turned 12 yrs. old3rd.. My newest DGS will be here to start his journey through life in about 8-9 weeks.4th.. DGD Katelyn gets prettier every day, if that's possible..almost time to start worrying.5th.. DGS Keith loves his big brother and strives to be like him.6th.. DGS John still hasn't been able to part with his blue dog.7th.. I can't wait to get back to quilting and show everyone my new sewing room
, once I get moved in it.
8th.. My friend of 30 yrs. has moved back to GA. and is a quilter too. Woohoo... I have a wonderful friend to sew with.9th.. We move in our new house Sept.10th.. Been stitching on the CQ block for DS and carrying my machine to the gym a couple days a weeks to sew patch on every ones' Gi. pics of those projects to come.

11th.. Number 11 but MOST IMPORTANT, I thank God for it all...

I also thought about changing my blog since so many other thing have changed. But I decided that everything doesn't have to change. I can just redecorate this one..well, when I get the time. Busy times right now.

Have a wonderful day!!!

Apr 30, 2010

OH how I wish I could sew

I really miss just sitting and sewing. I know it won't be long before I can have all my sewing stuff out again, but I am missing my quilting sew bad. I know one thing for sure once I do get to drag all my clutter out again, I will be quilting up a storm. You can bet there will be threads a flying.

Apr 10, 2010

You know what I love about blogging

When you get to missing your family and loved ones, you can go back to the beginning of your blog and relive all of the wonderful times you spend with them. At least the ones you wrote about. I didn't make it all the way through, because I'm about to cry now. I do miss them.