Apr 30, 2010

OH how I wish I could sew

I really miss just sitting and sewing. I know it won't be long before I can have all my sewing stuff out again, but I am missing my quilting sew bad. I know one thing for sure once I do get to drag all my clutter out again, I will be quilting up a storm. You can bet there will be threads a flying.


  1. Hi Everythingquilts! I often think of you and look forward when I'll see your new quilts :). Marina

  2. Oh, won't that be a grand day!!

    Hey, can you come over on Monday...the other "girls" will be here for a visit...so we could have some fun! They have both started new CQ Blocks...and I need to stitch on some old ones... :)

  3. When times are hard and thoughts busy, sewing can be so soothing and so distracting. You really are transported off into another world! When I broke my wrist in Alaska, even though I was frantically busy with my parents, I had to sew...so I made my one handed adult bibs for my mom's care. Incredibly hard to sew with one hand and they are not the best, but I am prouder of those darn bibs than the nicest quilt I ever made! You will sew, again and you will heal and your heart will sing again one day, soon!!!

  4. I just can't imagine you not quilting! It seems like it's been a long road since we were so happy just a short time ago. Our time is coming, I just know we both will see happy times again.

    I'm looking forward to making a RR CQ block just among us friends, the ones we know will send them back. I just can't see Becky giving it up because of someone else. So when we both get settled lets do one!

  5. I hope things work out better for you so you have time to sew. Until then, you can look at what others are doing, and forward to the Ohio show.

  6. Hi Donna,
    ...You are Crazy Quilting!
    And quite beautifully!


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