Dec 26, 2008

I've been trying

to upload a video for the past few hours but I keep getting a failed message. So I also tried to upload to youtube so I could post a link. I'm not sure if I done something wrong when making the video or have done something wrong trying to upload. I've uploaded videos before with no problem. This file may be too large or something. If I can't get it on this try, I'll make a new video tomorrow and post it then. It looks like I may have some success with the youtube this time but I not certain. I hope I can get it posted for those who have been waiting all day. If not I apologise, and remake a video tomorrow.

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  1. Sometimes things just won't go through..I am so dumb when it comes to computer things. I made a video on my sons cell phone and have no idea how to get it off of the phone!

    This is the most exciting video! I keep checking but the wait is worth it!


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