Dec 2, 2008

Mini quilt swap

I received the fabrics from my partner Gina for the mini quilt in a bag swap. She likes traditional with a twist quilts. I had a few ideas before I got the fabric, but they all flew out the door once I seen the fabrics. I drew a total and complete blank as what to do. I have been searching high and low on the web and through every book I have looking for the perfect traditional with a twist pattern for the fabrics. I've only come up with one that I think might work, but still hesitant to cut into them yet. I'm open for any and all suggestions.


  1. hhhmmmmm....i hear ya.....nothing just jumps out as an idea...sorry!

  2. hummmm well you know how creative Im not so hummmmmmm...last night I got out all the little projects I had hidden under my bed Im going to play with them this month thanks for the inspiration jolt....

  3. I don't have any suggestions. I sure am struggling with mine..just too many colors for one quilt, no contrast or lights.

    I had to start all over and add some lights to help out. Good luck!

  4. oops sorry you're having a hard time. In my defence Gemma picked them out on my behalf.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  5. Don't you worry, that's part of the fun. I did come up with a pattern that I like, I just hope you like it. I didn't want to make a simple 4-patch or something that took no thought,that I could just throw together. I wanted to make something that I thought you would like. It is important to me, that you are please and can honest say you love it. I've read your blog from day 1 to present and back again. So, I think I know a bit of what your likes and dislikes are. Only thing is, I'm not quite as talented in my skills as you are. I made 2 practice blocks yesterday, and am pleased with them. I didn't want to cut into the fabrics without being 100% sure I could do this. The funny thing is we both chose similar fabrics, how odd is that!!

  6. I just wanted to check up on you Donna. Haven`t seen you online for a few days and hope you are just catching up with all your Christmas things. Have a great weekend!


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