Dec 17, 2008

Men are funny!!

About a month ago I asked Cliff how he'd like a Ga. bulldog quilt made with the wonky log cabin block I found on Jacquie's blog . I showed him a picture of her quilt and explained how I"d fussy cut the bulldawgs for the middle, what fabric I'd use for the logs and he simple said no, he didn't like that idea. But I like hers so much, I was going to make it any way, but for my grandson who loves the bulldawgs too. He has his whole room done in Ga. Bulldawgs. Well any way, I made the quilt, and the whole while Cliff keeps coming to my sewing room and looking at the blocks on the wall. He never says anything, but he never does say much. He just looks and walks away. So last night I finally get the other 2 border pieces on, and bring it to the living room to lay it out and see what I need for backing, but don't have enough of any of the coordinating fabrics to use for backing. So, I tell him I'll have to go get some Bulldawg fabric for backing, he said "Are you ready" , I said "ready for what" , He says "ready to go get the backing for MY quilt". I just looked at him totally confused, and said this isn't your quilt, I made this for Blake, you told me you didn't want one like this. He didn't like that! Now, I certainly have enough to make him on like it, so looks like I'll be making another one of these soon. He thinks he's getting this one, but it's going under the tree. I had originally planned on making my grandson a cowboy quilt. I collected cowboy fabric for a year, but when I told him I was making it he didn't seem happy about it. He just wanted some GA. bulldawg curtains for his room. He will be toally shooked to see I made his favorite "The Georgia Bulldawgs" quilt. I think I'll use all that cowboy fabric to make quilts for the NICU and underprivileged kids in our area, after all I have yards and yard of it. I have such a long list of too do's this year, I hope I can get them all done. I think in 2010 I'll get to make me a quilt, but I said that about 2008 & 2009 too. We'll see. I also got the cafe style curtains made for my daughter. I had to make 2 sets of panels , I hope they look good in her kitchen.


  1. Oh no, he'll be disappointed Christmas morning when he doesn't get the quilt!

    Curtains are cute. My kitchen is red, white and green with apples too! So you know I like them. I am so far behind too. The thank you gifts will have to wait until Jan/Feb. If I don't soon get the dining room table cleared of sewing, we'll be eating Christmas dinner on TV tables.

  2. Those boys of ours...they are funny's the Y chromosome.

  3. What a hoot! That'll teach him to have a vision and embrace it from the beginning!

  4. I want a picture of your husband's face when he realizes that you really did take him at his word. Then when he gets the quilt you will make for him later!!!! LOL.


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