Dec 15, 2008

Nickilee's Ravioli Dreams is having a giveaway!!!

It is in honor of Christmas and the spirit of giving. Nicki has put together some CQ items for this giveaway. Now, all you have to do is take a guess at what time her oldest son was born on Dec. 13th. and leave a comment. Simple enough, but I think it would be nice to post a link back to her blog. You should really check her blog out, she a amazing CQ artist, she also does the most beautiful lace dying. Her creativity is endless. She is definitely an inspiration to all. Her blog is alive with color of her work. Nickilee"s Ravioli Dreams


  1. Hola! Gracias por el tip. Ya pasé por el blog de tu amiga y me anoté en el concurso. Besos.

  2. ahhh shucks.... thank you for the sweet compliments. I will tell you though - YOU are my inspiration! Everything you touch is magic - just ask my birdies LOL!


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