Jan 2, 2009


Cliff is off the ventilator and responding, when I talk to him. I want to thank you all for your prayers. I guess I should tell you how he got in this shape. Well when I came home that day, Cliff had ate 7 or 8 Popsicles , That's a big no-no. He's diabetic and on dialysis, he is not suppose to have sugar or over 8oz. of fluid a day, just enough to take his meds. Maybe just maybe he will stick to his strict diet this time. I told him tonight I was throwing away all his popscicles, he didn't like that, so I knew he knew what I was saying. Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers, it has been a comfort to me knowing that you all were praying for him.


  1. Keeping you and Cliff in my thoughts and prayers...i hope he goes on to make a full recovery ..Julia ♥

  2. I've been thinking about you all day. I see my son struggling with a diet because of his heart. It has got to be so hard to keep with it all the time. I really feel for Cliff and understand how he could have over done it.

    What an awful scare after such a wonderful Christmas. I hope he comes around completely and desides life is more important then food.

    You must be frazzled after the last 24 hours. Get some rest and let us know how he's doing.

  3. T&P's that he gets back on his feet real soon...

  4. my prayers are with you and cliff! and a slap on the wrist for cliff for exceeding his sugar intake! shame shame! still, get better cliff!

  5. Continued Thoughts and Prayers. Happy to hear Cliff is on the mend. If you haven't seen this here is a GREAT cookbook "Living Well on Dialysis". It is a free download: http://www.epogen.com/patient/patient_info/educational_materials/dialysis_cookbook/toc.jsp

    I have made a couple of things out of this cookbook. I have a friend that is diabetic and on a waiting list for a kidney. A group of us took turns making meals for her from this cookbook. The "Fried" chicken recipe is to die for!!!

    Take care and keep us posted.

  6. I'm so glad you gave us an update, you and Cliff have been on my mind quite a bit the last couple of days. Continued prayers for well-being.

  7. That's a blessing!
    Keep us updated!

    Cliff.....now you've done it!
    We're all going to be asking if
    you're behaving!
    Just know that our prayers are
    with you as you recover.

    Prayers and Hugs!
    ~ Jes

  8. I just got home from work and hurried to check on Cliff. So glad he is doing better. My son Justin is 23 and a diabetic since he was 15, so I know how that goes! One time when he was in college, he let his battery go dead on his insulin pump. HE thought he had the flu and didn`t test. He ended up in ICU for 24 hours with blood sugars over 1000!! Don`t they just drive you nuts! :)
    Give Cliff a hug and then slap his fingers!

  9. I will certainly keep Cliff and your family in my prayers! Hopefully he is on the road to recovery!

  10. How is Cliff today? I've been waiting for you to post. He's been on my mind all day.

  11. You are both in my thoughts and prayers

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  12. Im glad things are lookin up take those darn popscicles away darn those men of ours like children I say but just one more miracle for you that he is going to be alright...God Bless ...I miss you Lani

  13. Oh I am so sorry to hear Cliff had to be hospitalized...know the feeling! I was also on dialysis for three years (transplant 6/08) and a diabetic and yes , I too, have done stupid things! but drinking too much fluid only causes problems! including cramping, etc.. take care of each other, and let's hope this year will be better!

  14. Cliff and you both are in my thoughts and prayers. I am glad to see things beginning to turn around some.

  15. That must be hard on both of you, I can't imagine being limited on fluids AND sugar! Your in my thoughts.

  16. You disappeared from my blog list and it won't let me put you back on.

    How are things going today? Everyone is asking about you. Just know we are all thinking about you and missing you.

  17. Thoughts and prayers for Cliff and you.

  18. Just stopping by to let you know all your friends at HGTV are missing you. They were happy to hear that Cliff is home and understand that he is your #1 priority right now!

    Give Katlynn and Cliff a hug for me and post when you can.


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