Jan 26, 2009

Lecien fabric

My fabrics came today, I only ordered 1/2 yards pieces of these, because they are rather expensive and more then I normally like to pay. I just couldn't resist them they are so soft and pretty. I have always wanted a quilt made with soft, girly fabrics. So I thought I could stretch theses by using a pattern that has a lot of white background fabric. Boy, did I make a mistake because now that I have them and looked at them all day, I think I need more. The greens and pinks are my favorite, don't you just love them? I think these will make the perfect quilt to go on the rope bed in the spare room. I have my sisters painting hanging over that bed and the room has such a feminie look to it already, with the dainty tables and things I can't wait to see a quilt made of these in there. It's my favorite room, has just a easy feeling about it. Reminds of the days back when kids played outside, going to town was a big event, and grandma washed our cloths on the wringer washer. Gosh, it really wasn't that long ago, but such a different age. I remember we'd all gather round and grandma played the organ and Bill on his guitar, and we'd all be singing. I remember eating squirrel dumpling, and drinking goats milk-might be why I hate milk! Bill made his own shot gun shells, brewed his own beer. And every morning we had to go gather the eggs from the hen house. I hated that job because there were always snakes in the hen house trying to beat us to the eggs. If we didn't raise it, grow it or kill it we didn't eat it. I think grandma even made her own lard and soap. Me and my siter use to have to fill the tub up in the morning and let it sit in the sun all day to warm so we could get our bath. I really miss those days when you could let your kids out to play and not worry that someone would come along and snatch them up. I'll tell you about a day I remember so vividly. Bill (my step grandfather) got drunk and passed out in the yard, so grandma told me and my middle sister if we went out and got bill check book out of his pocket she'd take us to town for ice cream. So, we did! We never went to town but once every couple of months so we were just thrilled. Now, I don't know what happened when bill woke up and found his pocket empty and all of us gone but it's just one of those days I've never forgot. Any how, that's what this fabric reminds me of clothes hanging on the line and sitting on the porch, the good old days.


  1. They are so pretty! We must be thinking alike. I am waiting for Moda's March release.

    Go look under Fabric..new..March..Three sister's..Aviary


    They look a lot like the ones you bought.

  2. Oh my gosh, those are gorgeous. Just the kinds of fabrics I love! I had decided that this year I was not going to work on piecing quilts...but really try to learn this CQ business. BUT THOSE MAKE ME WANT TO SPEND MONEY!!

    ROFL about your family...sounds so much like mine! We'll have to see who can "out tell" the other when we get together in April...I bet we have some side-splitters. Ever get your arm hung in the wringer...boy, that's no fun!

  3. You are so right! These are lovely fabrics...but even better they came with quilting dna to unleash memories of other times and other places...and that is the most wonderful thing of all. I absolutly LOVED all of your stories! That's the very best part of having and sharing blogs...learning about one another and getting the privilege of feeling their spirits through their words and projects!!! But be careful...so many of the fabrics now adays come with 'fabric viruses'...once they catch on, you just have have one more, than one more again..... ;)

  4. I got my arm caught in the wringer! It sure did hurt! The post brought back so many memories -I think it would be great if all the young people under 50 had to spend one month living like we did! grin.

    Shirley (One of a kind fiber arts)


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