Jan 16, 2009

A few good things to post about

First up is, I'm thrilled to say I have won a Moda jelly roll from Debi in the Whirl into winter giveaway. Hers was the only one I entered, I just haven't had time to do much blogging lately. So, I was so surprised when I read my email that I had won. I had totally forgotten about this. It's the Harvest Home line. I've never worked with a jelly roll, but I'm very excited about winning and can't wait to see it.
Second, I've been so worried that I would fall behind on the swaps I signed up for, but am glad to announce that I have completed my PC's on time. Just need to fill them out and get them mailed. I have also made great progress on the mini swap I'm in as well.The next pressing deadline is for the cuppa swap on the HGTV board, not quite sure of how many to make yet but have a plan for my blocks and will try to get stared on these soon. So, it's looking like I'll make my deadlines after all.
I have a couple other projects to complete for the COF retreat. I haven't even started on these. I do have a plan, but haven't made it to get the things I'll need to complete these, so this is high up on my list as well.
I;ve also started thinking about the PIF gifts I need to make for Holee, tisme, and Lani. I haven't forgottn you ladies. I know I have several months before these are due. I've just been planning at this point.
There are other challenges I've signed up for but the deadlines aren't that close yet. So, I'm going to concentrate on these first. I don't want too much to think about at one time. I do know that I won't be joining any more swaps for a while. Just don't think I have the time right now. I love swaps but I have other priorities at this time.
Just want everyone to know I'm working very hard to meet my obligations. Wish I could show pics of the PC's and mini but they are secret swaps. They will be going out soon so I'll post a pic once they have been received.


  1. Just glad to see you posting Donna!
    Hope Cliff is improving and you are taking care of yourself.

  2. I miss U and love Ya glad to see you arecatching up ...god bless...lani....how is hubby????

  3. Wow, that's great that you won! You can really use a little something in the mailbox to cheer you up!

    Don't worry about the pay it forward for me. Next Christmas you can make me another bird to go with the one I have. I have to finish up these gift mini's and then I'll get back to seeing if I can find 3 people who want a gift for the pay it forward.

    I'm not having any luck getting anyone to join in anything, not even with a fabric offer. I might have to just send off 3 gifts to people I know and call that my pay it forward :-(

    Glad you can post again..give Cliff a hug for us gals!

  4. Hi Donna,

    Good to see your post. Take it easy and take care of yourself.


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