Jan 31, 2009

Meet my Cat family

Last years some stray cats turned up out here, and they looked like they were about to starve to death. So, I fed them, they were afraid of me at first, but now they're my babies. Only thing is I've got 2 more babies this year, I don't have the heart to part with them so we've decided if we are going to keep them we'll have to take them all in and get em fixed. The 2 new ones are the gray with white and the Siamese. The big fat black one was next to death when I found them. Her head was the size of a well between a golf and tennis ball, but it looked huge because her body was so scroony that she couldn't hardly hold her head up. She also has a deformed foot. She took to me right away and she's my best buddy. It took the other ones a little longer to realize I was there friend. I didn't push them to come to me, I just let them do it in their own time. I have given them quilty/sewing names; Buttons, bobbins, Noodles, Zipper and Patch. I wanted to include the babies in the picture so I had to take it through the back door window, they just now got where they will come up on the porch to eat with the others and I don't want to spook them. I have a picture of a big black snake they killed too, but I'll spare you and not post that pic.

Katelyn, loved her cowgirl skirt so much she asked me to make her another. She didn't have another skirt to add a ruffle to, so I thought since Katelyn always wears the knees out on her jeans from crawling we could just cut those off and use them. So, her mom went and found me a pair and it worked. I left the pants intact just cut the legs off. I still need to make a orange belt to go with them. I'm thinking about putting a piece of rick rack on the top edge of the ruffle, not sure yet. I so glad she likes them because she goes through pants so fast crawling around all the time. Guess I could have cut those legs off a little more even, but my original plan was to rip the seams out and make it a skirt when I realized most of her skirts have shorts built into them so there was no need to do the extra work. If this one looks good on her, Katelyn has several pairs of holey kneed pants so, I may be busy for awhile. I realized today that I have nearly 90 posts so I've been wanting to do a give away for some time just haven't had time or a clue as what to give. Lately my brain has been overloaded, so the best I can come up with based on my thought of what would be a good gift to give that most would love, is fabric. We quilters do love fabric. Now, I can't decide on what fabric, but I have about 10-12 more post to go before deciding. Oh well, guess I'll figure it out. until then I just wanted to let you know that sometime here real soon I'll be doing a give away. I would let Katelyn pick but there is just no telling what you might end up with, but it is a thought, we'll see. Do you think it would be better to do more yardage of one fabric or FQ pack? Or maybe I could offer different ones to choose from. Gosh, maybe I should just go to bed and quit thinking!!!


  1. What a great idea for worn out jeans! I bet she looks adorable in them.

    Picking a give away is hard. Everyone seems to like the buttons I'm giving away. If I would have known that, I would have just offered a mason jar of buttons!

  2. Donna, I think letting Katelyn pick out a FQ packet would be perfect! Also like the idea of letting the winner choose.
    Pick one name, have a FQ bundle and a piece of yardage and let the winner pick.

  3. Donna,

    Very cute Kitties, thank you for NOT posting the pic of the snake!!! Love Katelyn's new "skort". Great idea for worn out jeans that still fit.

  4. I really like your blog - I think the little skirts added to blue jeans is a wonderful Idea - I am going to try it for my 5 year old gd.


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