Feb 2, 2009

Cuppa Swap

I got the hard part done, well hard for me anyway. I picked the fabric I'm going to use for my coffee cup blocks. The fabric is suppose to say something about me. Well now if you knew me, you'd know that's hard because there are so many things I love. I love birds for one and have some beautiful bird fabrics, but that only says one thing about me. I love coffee too, but that's probably obvious since I joined the swap. I do love to travel and seen some really cute fabric about Paris, I think it was called Pack your bags. But this fabric says 3 things about me. One is I love the soft colors, two, I love flowers, and three I love nature. Now guess you're wondering what this has to do with nature, This fabric is from a April Cornell collection called Natures Chorus. Now I don't know exactly how I be doing my blocks but have a pattern in mind. This picture doesn't show the real beauty of this fabric but if you click for a close up you will see it very pretty. I'll keep you posted. I've got to go keep an eye on Keith for a little while so maybe if mom says Katelyn can come home with me, she can pick out some fabric for my giveaway.

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