Feb 12, 2009

Lavender Lime

Cliff asked me the other day what I wanted for Valentines day. I know he thought I was going to say fabric, I always do, but I surprised him and said a walking foot. I could see the stumped look on his face I said I'll show you what I'm talking about. He loves to go back in the sewing room so he gladly went to see what I was talking about. I showed him all the feet that came with my machine, and told him I didn't know what half of them were or what they are for but I knew that none of them are a walking foot and I've always wanted one. I told him I thought it would be pricey, but he said that's fine, can you get it online. I looked around but only found them on ebay, I'm leary about buying some things off ebay and told him I'd have to go to a dealer to make sure I got the right one. He said we could go Thur. since that is the only day we are both home at the same time during business hours. So, I went online and found a dealer for my machine in Chattanooga, Normally I go to Atl. but I just didn't feel like driving that far and dealing with the traffic. Cliff's just not been feeling the best lately, and tires easily so the closer the better. He secretly loves fabric, so I knew he would want to go too. He always wants to go with me to any craft or fabric stores, and he does pick fabrics sometimes and says go ahead and get this you know you'll find plenty of uses for it. So, bright and early this morning he was ready, before I had even got up. He looked over at me and said are you ready to go to the quilting store (that's what he calls it). I got right on up and took my shower and off we went to the Lavender Lime Quilt shop. Neither of us had been there, we have only been to one other quilt shop so this was exciting for both of us. Turns out it was rather easy to get to, right off the interstate. Immediately we could see this was a far better quilt shop then the one we had been to previously. Cliff is attracted to the machines and LA tables so first thing he says is her come try this machine out. He sitting there in front of a Bernina 8 series, I said oh no, if I try it I might like it. I see him sitting there looking at the price, and he says well just go ahead and try it, if you try it you'll be entered for a chance to win it. I did not want to try it, I simply told him I was happy with the machine I have. So, I went straight to getting my walking foot, which just happen to be right beside the bobbins and boy do I need bobbins so I got a few of those. Next he says you should try to find that brown fabric you've been needing. I looked the whole store over and was about to give up when the shop lady told me that all the fabrics on that particular wall were on sale, now why did she have to go and do me like that. She must be a quilter and know we can't resist a sale. Cliff said go ahead and get you some while we're here. Oh my they did have some beautiful fabric, my poor head was swimming, I knew I had to stay focused though, and picked out a few things I knew I needed for my Pay it Forward gifts and on my way back up I spotted the perfect brown, with the tiniest dark red dots on it. It was like hitting the jack pot. I've been looking for a certain tone on tone brown for some time, and haven't had much luck because things online don't always look the same when you get them home. The whole point here is the best part of my day was finding this great little shop, not too far from home and sales lady was just the best. They have classes that I definitely need to learn how to work the embroidery module on my machine. I can do the basic designs that came with it but that's it. I have been limited to that because I just don't know how to do anything beyond that point. This was such a great little place and I'm so glad we found it. I see myself going back very soon. They have some of the prettiest fabrics, so much better seeing them in person the on a screen. So, I did manage to stay on track and just get the things I needed with the exception of one panel. They have a website also, I haven't visited it yet but will very soon. So, this is what my sweet baby got me for Valentines Day, a walking foot 10 bobbins and the fabrics I just couldn't find online. It's hard to find fabric on line sometimes, because if you type in a color you sometimes have to search pages and pages for the certain one only to not find it. I usually get side tracked by another fabric I wasn't looking for and having a whole new project to work on and still not having the fabric I originally needed.This was my Lavender Lime experience, my favorite new place. Oh and here's a pic of the quilt I needed the brown for, I had all the other fabric but needed that brown, this is the quilt my daughter wants who has no other quilt made by me except my very first quilt if you can call it that. I did not make this quilt in the pic below, It's a pic I found online and have no idea who made this beauty, It is the inspiration for the quilt I'll be making in the near futute.


  1. Isn`t great when our men love quilt shops too! Steve goes with me alot of times, and he is good at picking out fabrics. He asked me what I wanted for Valentines Day and I got the encrusted crazy quilt class from Joggles! Much better then flowers and candy in my opinion.
    Glad to hear you and Cliff had a day out.

  2. I do like your quilt. they are my favorite colors and work very well together. I am glad you found a quilt store you like near home.

    Drop by my blog and say hello! Shirley

  3. I wish I could find a guy that enjoys quilting. My ex never did.

    I kinda finished Sunbonnet sue for my grandmother. She loves it. I didn't finish about an inch of the border. The kids asked me too, this is why, I made my grandpa an afghan when he was in a nursing home, the day I finished it, he died, so the kids didn't want that to happen again, so I didn't finish it and I still have grandpa's afghan.

  4. It sounds like a great day out. Must be fun to visit a quiltshop with your husband an have him encouraging you to buy all sort of things. My DH hates shopping and has no idea of quiltfabric.

  5. What a great day you had he is such a good hubby hug him for me...It is like Heaven when you find a sweet shop I have one up in Carpenteria just love it...Well the quilt is beautiful I am so amazed at the talent of the women I meet on the web....love U lani

  6. This quilt is beautiful and the way you have it displayed is beautiful too. It sounds like you have lots of fun with your hubby picking out fabrics, mine gets nervous when I go by myself. Happy stitchin!


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