Feb 18, 2009

Done and to-do's

I finished this little mini quilt today. I plan on sending this to someone special. I hope she likes it. I choose the red color way of Feathered Friends by In the beginning because I know red is her favorite color and I'm pretty sure she likes birds. Maybe because I love birds I think everyone else does too, we'll see. I actually made 2 of these because of the big sister rule. If you don't know what the big sister rule is, I'll tell you big sister says everything I make I have to make her one too. Now, I don't always do that, I do good to get one made most of the time, LOL. You know how that goes. I love my sis and wish I could make more things for her. My sister is always making or sending me things. I've been making them both something else(surprise), so can't show them. I started those before I started these but they are taking longer then I had expected, but I work on them a little everyday. I've just about got the firecracker blocks put together. I'm going tomorrow to buy the batting for it and another top I made for QWL. I hope to get one more QWL quilt done before the deadline. I'm going to start the quilts that I'm making for my DD's in the next week (if all goes as planned). I have such a long to do list this year. That in order for me to get all the things I want to have made by Christmas I have got to get started now. I worked so hard to get my swap list down and said I wasn't going to join any more until I had most of these other projects done but I just can't resist jumping in and have added another one to my list, just when I was starting to see the light. I finished the FQ challenge for the COF retreat. We also have a T-shirt challenge, I had that finished too until I tried the shirt on and it was too small.


  1. This mini quilt is one of the prettiest I've seen. I love the pattern and colors. Thanks for sharing!! kelley in kentucky

  2. That quilt is so lovely ..so pretty and dainty..

  3. Very pretty mini quilt. Lucky you, finishing your FQ Challenge. I have no idea what to do with that FQ....I just keep staring at it. Maybe I can incorporate it into my t-shirt and call them both "good".

  4. I agree! This is one of the prettiest miniatures that I have seen. It is truly lovely and OH...you make me wish that I had a sister!!!

  5. I really love your minis, they're so pretty!

    Can you cut out the work you did on your t-shirt and stitch it down to another one?

  6. Love the mini quilt!

    I have started my FQ challenge and have it half finished...But I havent started my t-shirt yet...still have no clue what to do..

    Pennyquilts is coming on the 16th..maybe she can give me some ideas... :-)

    By the way...change my bloglink on your sidebar to reflect: www.pigtaledesigns.net

    I am going to use my blog in conjunction with my pattern website so the name reflects the name I will use on my patterns. Happy quilting day!

  7. I've never heard of the sister rule until now... but I never grew up having a sister :( Thankfully Nora and Olivia have each other :)

    I love your mini quilt you made. The colors are perfect. Your mini partner is so lucky!!! :)

    I've bought my Tshirt and washed it but need to re-try it on again and see if it shrinked any before I get started makin it purdy... LOL I have no clue as to what I am going to do.

    Are we expected to wear these to the meet and greet dinner Thursday night??? If so I'll be the first one spotted a mile away....LOL

    I know you can't show your FQ project on your blog yet... but maybe you could share what you made for last year's retreat??? and also list ideas of what others made... again, I'm clueless and time is running out on me! April is only a few weeks away!

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie


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