Feb 13, 2009

The winner

of my b;og giveaway is.........

My grandchildren had so much fun doing this and wanted to draw another name, so maybe we can do another one soon. Katelyn was upset because she said the video was too short, she loves the camera. So, I promised her I would get some video of her sewing next time I'm over their house. Last time I was there she told me she needed more practice, but I think she's ready to show what she's making now. Congratulations asimplelife you are the winner, hope you enjoy them.


  1. Congratulations Asimplelife!
    Happy V-Day for all!
    It was interesting idea :):):)

    Marina, Russia

  2. Ooh - lucky me!!! Thank you so much!! I've been working on some Project Linus quilts this weekend and trying to keep off the computer so I can get more done. I'm so excited - thank you thank you thank you! I PMed you my mailing addy on the HGTV board. Back to the sewing machine... Deb


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