Feb 23, 2009

Signs of Spring and a couple things I got done

I filled the bird feeders up 3 days ago and see today they have completely emptied one of them. And if you enlarge the image you will see a bird on the green feeder. I enjoy hearing the birds sing. I haven't got my hummingbird feeder out yet, but will soon.
The buttercups are starting to bloom there are several patches of these throughout the yard.
I also noticed the crocus are about to open the beautiful blooms, I just love these, but they don't last long. They are so pretty when they are open the almost don't look real. Mkaes you want to touch them and see if the are fakes.
And the biggest sign is the fish are no longer lethargic, they are starting to move about, enjoying the sun. The bigger ones dove to the bottom when they seen me coming but I managed to capture some of the smaller ones. It's still too early to start feeding them, they do not digest food well until the water temp stay at least 50% or above.
The disappearing nine patch I made for QWL, I had planned on getting a small border on and sandwiched this past weekend but ended up in the bed sick. Stress does me like that. I had a few stressful moments last week that did me in. I'm feeling a little better today, so maybe I can manage to get these ready to be quilted. The pic is blurry but you get the idea, It needs to be pressed!! I also got the firecracker blocks put together, It needs a border, I just don't know what. The fabrics used in this top all look like they came from ties. For some reason my picture taking is not to clear today to see the details, I don't know if it me or the camera. I also made a few things for a very sick little girl. I made her a small activity tote just big enough to hold a crayon roll-up and a activity book, stickers and things of that sort she will be able to do if she does get to feeling like doing something. I learn how to do the 2 basic stitches in tatting. At first I knew I was doing something wrong because my stitches were sliding on the ring thread and not the shuttle thread, but once I figured the problem out I was off and running. What caused my problem was my knot was not transferring over, this is a must or it just won't work. Thought I share that in case someone has this problem. It took me longer to figure out the problem then it did to figure out the method. I'm not too happy with the shuttle I got, it was the only ones they had so I got it. I think my sister or a friend might be sending me one of the clover shuttles which has been recommended by both. I haven't got very far on my Pay it Forward gifts, I needed certain colors of floss so we made a trip to Micheals for that. I'm dangerous in that store every time I go in there my bill is ridiculous. I went for 4 skeins of floss and ended up buying about 40, not to mention all the other things. It doesn't help me when Cliff adds things to my cart either.


  1. I love the bucket you make for H, and she will too. The one you made for the 12 days that I got has become something I can't live without now! It is my stair climber bucket! I always dropped half my things half way down the stairs but now I carry them in my pretty bucket.It never leaves the chair. I empty it at the bottom and fill it to go back up on my next trip!

    Your tatting looks good! The right shuttle makes a difference. I keep wanting to get mine out but it will make me really mad if my hands are to crippled to do it, so I keep putting it off.

    I haven't forgotten my pay it forward gifts..no one signed up so I'm going to pick 3 ladies and just sent the gifts off to them.

    I have been working hard on my sewing but have nothing to post because they are all secret swaps.

  2. I just love the spring pictures. I have seen the buttercups around her in full bloom, and even some of the bradford pear trees with buds!! DD said when she washed her truck last week it looked like that nasty yellow stuff was all over her truck. I am so tired of the cold weather, I am so ready for warmer weather, so I can leave my windows open and sit out on my screen porch and watch the kids play and the birds. I don't want to put feeders out, too many cats. I hate to be the one to feed the cats birds for supper! amydenise

  3. I love your little bucket and I am sure H will too.
    But I really enjoyed the spring pictures, here it is still lots of snow and blowing snow. I am leaving Saturday for a week in Florida and am so happy to be getting away for some warm weather.
    In your picture from shopping, looks like you might have got a shuttle. I had the hardest time getting the flip down too. And then it finally happened and I was yelling I did it!!! Now I have to keep working on it.
    I also did not get anyone to pick up on my Pay it Forward, so am going to pick two worthy people and send to them. Just not sure how to pick yet.
    Glad to see you and Cliff got out for some shopping!!

  4. Your little bucket so cute. I am sure the little girl will love it.

    Read your story about the sink hole, wow, I would have been scared to death. I am glad you had help as soon as you did.

    Your tatting looks nice, yes the right shuttle does make the difference.

  5. Hi,
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I just added yours to my favorites...it's wonderful. I love your firecracker quilt and your minis are so cute. I love minis too. Do you paper piece yours?

  6. I love the photos of 'spring' the first one would make a wonderful landscape quilt! actually most of them would, but I like the foliage behind the bird feeder.

    Your work is great and I enjoy coming to visit your blog. Shirley


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