Feb 2, 2009

Candy Kisses and a Dozen Roses Giveaway!!!!

Okay, it's official. One the way back to the house today, I stopped and checked the mail and got the package I've been expecting. So, me and Katelyn came in and I said okay lets got do, I told her pick anything out you want Katelyn and remember this has to be something special, She looked and looked she couldn't reach any of the top shelves so I held her up and let her do a littler digging and had to set her back down because she was getting heavy. So, she was ruffling through all the bottom shelves, while I opened my package. I said oh Katelyn look what nanny got aren't these so pretty. And before I could ask her if she wanted me to make her something with them she said I pick theses, talking about the fabrics I just brought in the house. Oh boy I didn't even get a chance to play with them yet. Guess, I"ll just have to get me some more, I couldn't tell her no, after all I told her anything. I had put up the fabrics I knew I needed for certain projects so thought I was safe. No big deal, I thought this was a perfect choice after all it is nearly Valentines day. WOW, just what we all want for Valentines Day candy, roses and Fabric, not necessarily in that order. Better be glad it wasn't Blake doing the picking or you might have ended up with Ga. bulldawgs or cowboy and Indians. Now, I haven't given much thought on how to play, but thought I better make this easy because I just might not be able to keep up with all the extra name in the pot thing. So, if you have a blog or are a current member ( joined before today) of the HGTV forum board then you can join because I know that I'll be able to contact you. I'm sorry if their are others that might want to join but I don't open emails if I don't know who they are from. My apologies. So, just leave a comment and don't forget to thank Katelyn!! cause she'll be reading this. If you do not have a blog but are a member of the HGTV MB make sure to sign your comment with your HGTV name so I'll know who to contact.The deadline to enter will be Feb. 13th, I'll one of my grandchildren to draw the winning name. I'll get pics of the drawing so stop back by on Valentines day and see who wins. Oh forgot to say, I know your going to count the roses and you're right it is only 11 roses but I added another FQ of green to make up for the FQ I just couldn't live without. This giveaway is suppose to be for my 100th post giveaway, I'm just about 10 posts too early, but we all know i'll have 100 post by Valentines day. So good luck andthe main thing is just have fun. Guess you're wondering where the candy kisses are, it the name of the fabirc but i'll go out and get a bag of hersheys to add to it.


  1. Hi Donna,
    nice blog. The polka dots are cute. I do not have a blog, but it's on my "to do" list along with lots of quilty projects :).
    Congratulations on "100"........
    Wow!! Candy, kisses and a doz roses. I would like that!!
    Best wishes to you.
    Quiltnanny (HGTV)

  2. Of course Katelyn would pick the pretty pinks & reds and hearts..what a little sweet heart she is! Poor Grandma, but Thanks for picking the beautiful fabric Katelyn!

    How cleaver to make a bouquet!

  3. I can't take credit for the bouquet idea, I've seen this done somewhere before and just remembered it. Yes pink is Katelyns favorite color. I do have a tendency to buy pinks, but I am running out of things to make for her. She has started making her first quilt. She's making it for her new cousin in KY. She done pretty good on the first squares, but got hers seams too far off on some of them for me to square up for the next step. So, i'm rip-iting for her to redo. She loves to sew. I get a video of how she goes about it. She's such a trooper.

  4. what a wonderful clever idea to make a bouquet. What a great job Katelyn did picking out the fabric.

    Hope I win!!
    Irishquiltlass from HGTV

  5. Katelyn did a terrific job of picking out the bouquet...hope I win!

  6. WOW, I love to visit your blog but not much time lately hence the name NT Quilter (NoTimeQuilter). I have a blog but it is not ready to go public, well mostly because I can't always remember to update when I can find it. Heck I am having problems remembering to sign here. LOL

  7. Hi Donna! Love your blog...and your header is awesome! If you need something else to make for Katelyn in pink, how about a cute pig.. :-)

    I would love to win your give-away!...The bouquet is a sweet way to present the fabric...Happy quilting!

  8. great blog...
    I LOVE your little denim/ruffly fabric skirts - too Cute!!
    I'll bookmark your site for sure - some good ideas here. Hope all is well for your family.

  9. Hey! what's wrong with bulldozers and other machinery stuff fabric...Just kiddin. Great idea, great blog and congrats for such great work and ideas.

  10. Hi EQ & Katelyn! LOVE the cowgirl skirt and the orange polka dots. What a super idea for holey pants! Do you have cowgirl boots to wear with them? I love the fabrics you chose for the bouquet, they're very rose-like. Have a wonderful day and Happy Valentine's Day!
    Toryam (HGTV)

  11. Great choices Katelyn! I really like your blog EQ. And I love the fabric roses - the fabric is just wonderful. Count me in on your drawing!

    OwenJulesMommy (HGTV)

  12. Sue, the Florida Farm GirlFebruary 3, 2009 at 6:48 AM

    What sweet fabrics and just what a little girl would pick!! All of us who have granddaughters know about pink stuff!!!!! Would be wonderful to receive such a treat. Please sign me up. No blog, but I'm on the HGTV board. Sue the Florida Farm Girl

  13. what a wonderful blog site, very sophisticated and enjoyable, almost as nice as that fabric, my hgtv name is EBQG - also love the music, great choices

  14. Hi Donna,
    Hi Katelyn!
    Roses are beautiful!
    From time to time I visit HGTV-ladies' blogs. I like your blog! :)
    Here there is a translator on Russian. It is pleasant!

    Marina-Roolen :)

  15. Kately has good taste, the fabrics are very lovely. I always wished my nieces had liked pink and ruffles when they were younger!

    expatquilter (HGTV)

  16. Great Blog - I don't usually spent time out in blog world - but do look at the ones for our HGTV MB family.

    Congrats on your 100th and we'll be 'seeing' you on the boards.


  17. My 1st visit to your Blog.No Blog for me. Love your down to earth journaling. Hope your "Strike" is still happening and becoming a way of life. The Roses are beautiful. Everyone needs Candy Kisses and Roses once in a while especially someone living in cold snowny northern Michigan in February. Warm quilty thoughts to your and yours.
    TcMay from HGTV

  18. This is really "special" for Valentines Day! Katelyn you did an awesome job picking out the fabrics! I love pink too! How sweet of both of you!

    Pam aka NicuNurse

  19. VERY NICE blog!!!

    The skirts are SOOOOO CUTE!!! Wish my DD was little again so I could make her one..lol!

    Katelyn's choice of fabric's for the roses are perfect. Can you show how to fold the FQ to make a rose? I'd like to make some as gifts.

    Have fun w/ your blog...I'll be checking in from time to time! :)

    sewlove2quilt (HGTV)

  20. Hi Donna,
    You have a very nice blog, I love the denim skirt, and the playlist is great! I could listen to "Tears In Heaven" a hundred times. I'm sure to check in here often. I hope to win your giveaway.


  21. Donna, that was a great idea, making them into a bouquet! Katelyn, you did perfect on your pickings! Tell grandma, she should have hid the pink ones, if she was hoping to hold onto them.
    I would love to win Kateyln`s pickings.

  22. 2nd try!!!
    From one Donna to an other
    Love your blog-and what sweet fabic.
    Love pink and red.
    keep up the good work.

  23. Hi~ nice blog! Katelyn has great taste!! :-) Love the roses! Congrat's on nearly 100 posts!

  24. Hi Donna, I love the fabrics Katelyn picked. I'm a "pink" girl also. Enjoy reading your blog.

    gagal (HGTV)

  25. Love the roses.. Katelyn has great taste.. Looking forward to seeing her first quilt!!


  26. Katelyn, you have wonderful taste! You picked some beautiful fabrics, and what a wonderful helper you are for your Nana! Good job!


  27. I always enjoy visiting your blog. I did the ruffled denim skirts back when my nieces were little girls. Ummm...and I don't have very many pinks. ;0)

    If you want to see my CQ, on my blog, scroll down below the list of my favorite blogs. You'll see
    Labels and can click on Crazy quilt there. It will show you photos of my projects and blocks so far.

  28. Love the fabric roses ideas. Katelyn choose very pretty fabrics.

    Donna, I love reading your blog and looking at photos of all of your beautiful creative projects.

  29. What a cute idea! Katelyn did a great job picking the fabric.
    I love the skirt that you made, I wouldn't have thought of leaving the legs on! I wish I had seen that when my Kaitlyn was little, she loved being a cowgirl!

  30. Oh everythingquilts I wanna win even if I do have to report adding to my stash to GardenPat.

    They are so pretty and my favorite colors you know.


  31. How adorable are your fabric roses - I'd want to leave them just as they are!! So pretty!
    asimplelife (HGTV)

  32. What a beautiful bouquet! DGD has really good taste, and I wonder where that comes from? I do not have a blog to share, but really enjoyed reading yours, and listing to some GOOD music!!!
    HGTV name---goaskmom (Margie)

  33. That is a very clever idea using the FQ for the rose buds. (No blog here but I am on HGTV.....A.K.A Knot me)

  34. Hope this works this time.

    Katelyn, excellent choice of fabrics. Everythingquilts, you have a wonderful website.

    ~~Charlene~~ HGTV

  35. katelyn did a fantastic job on picking out fabrics for the 100th post giveaway...great fabrics.


  36. Great Job Katelyn picking out fabrics! The roses are just too cute Donna!

    Thanks for following my blog. Once I figure out how to "follow" other peoples, you will be the first on the list!

    Susan (hgtv susarina)


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