Jan 29, 2009

Got some sewing done this week

I finally got around to finishing some things. My DGD school is having western day tomorrow, so we thought instead of buying an outfit we'd just add this ruffle and belt to this skirt for her. She loves it. I did have to go back and sew around outside top of the ruffle to keep it from poofing up so much. I had already taken the picture before I took it over to see if she liked it. Once we got it on her we decided it wasn't laying down too well, so I pulled out Katelyn's mini Janome she got for Christmas and run another seam on top and wa-la, it worked and looked great on her. I wish I had of took my camera with me, so you could see it on her. And speaking of Katelyn she making her new cousin a quilt. She's doing quite well I'll show pics soon of her progress. I have a few to take apart but most of her seams turned out good.Next I made a roll-up for my sisters paint brushes. She needed something to carry them in to class. I told her a while back I'd make on for her but just got around to getting it done. I made this just like they make the crayon roll-ups only I added a handle and vinyl to the inside. I put vinyl over the inside fabric so when she put her brushes back in and there still wet it will work out better. I still have to pick the tissue paper out of the seams. I didn't know vinyl wouldn't feed thought the machine so I laid that on top the vinyl so it would feed through. I was going to sew a flap of vinyl to fold down over the top of them too, but thought it might make it hard to get the brushes out so I'm just going to lay a piece of the vinyl inside to lay over the top of them too. I left the ribbon pretty long because I wasn't sure how much she'd need to wrap around, she said she usually carries 30 brushes to class. I didn't know they made 30 different brushes. I learned something about painting! I hope it works good for her, if not I'll try again and try to work it out. I also got some pants mended for a friend which have been mended so many times before the only thing that was holding them together was the seams. What is it with men that they won't give their pants up even when they are practically all patched up. Just about every part of these jeans have been patched. I don't doubt that in 6 more months I see these pants come back to me. I also got some mini's done, Ill be posting them in the next week or so once my partner has received them
Wanted to update this post. My sister got her roll-up and loves it. She said it is just what she needed. Here's the pic she sent me with the brushes in it.


  1. Love the skirt! That was a great idea.

    I'm not sure about the paint brush holder. I took art lessons. Most of my brushes are the length of long knitting needles, about 10 to 12 inches long. Also, I like to cover my brushes with canvas because plastic rots the hair brissles.

    I can't wait to see the mini you made.

  2. I didn't think of using tissue paper, when I had to sew vinyl I dusted it with baby powder and it slid right thru no problem.. The paint brush holder is cute I'm sure your sister is going to love it.
    DGD's skirt is so darling I love it.
    DD was just asking me if I couldn't add fabric to DGD pant legs since they still fit in the waist but not the length... I've seen little girls with ruffles on the hems but nt sure for an 8 year old.

  3. Hey,

    Good to hear from you!!!! I actually do pin bast my quilts but when I roll them up the space that I'm working in I will take the pins out and smooth as I go... just being very careful.

    Great to hear from you
    Tissy @ tizzyquilting!!!

  4. I've got eveything cut to do the new Double Delight pattern from Quiltville. I just made myself stop piecing to catch up on some quilting. I should be able to start Double Delight soon. Sorry about the spelling in my first comment "bast" should be "baste" but, oh well. I get going so fast sometimes I forget to look.


  5. I finally got the hang of shuttle tatting this week! I have been busy cutting Christmas Coins, and crocheting a scarf for Justins girlfriend. It turned out pretty good.
    I love the little skirt!
    And to Tissy, I have college students come into my restaurant with ruffles sewed to the bottom of thier jeans.
    Have a great day Donna! Good to see you got some sewing done and some time for you!

  6. Donna,
    The skirt is absolutely adorable!!! Your DGD had the BEST western day costume. Can't buy a western skirt like that!!! Ok now I'm missing the days of making dress-up / costumes for my girls. When my youngest daughter was in 3rd grade I pulled an all nighter and made a full colonial day little girl outfit: dress, apron, and bonett (sp?).

    Did you use a pattern for the paint brush case? If so what is it called/made by? I know this is probably a silly question, you are so talented you just knew how to make this case. I love the color.

    Happy for you to see you getting some sewing time.

    Take care

  7. Jody I just used the same pattern as the crayon roll-up,only made it taller and wider. here's the link:
    My sister is using it for her acrylic brushes so the 11X30" will work for hers. But if you are making one for oil brushes they are much longer the the acrylic, so can't say for sure how tall you would need to make it, but I can ask her if you would like to know her does oil painting too. Thanks for the compliment.


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