Mar 6, 2009

The true loves of my life

I do have a pic I can share with you today. These are my precious grandchildren.
Top left is Blake he has the biggest heart, he is so caring, giving and thoughtful. He's only 10 but he already has a weekend job. He works on a farm. Jim a friend of the family seen how hard he works and enjoys every job you give him, so he gave him a real job earning wages. Blake saves most of his money, but what he does spend, he spends on others. While I was over keeping a eye on them the other day, I heard water running so I had to go investigate and my precious boy was doing up the dishes for mommy. He is full of energy and puts it to good use. He always gives me a big hug and tells me he loves me. He is a big part of my heart, a true delight, and is always thinking of others
Top right, is miss Katelyn the super star. She's all girl and a true princess you see. She loves attention and gets it. She loves to sing, dance and put on shows for us. She is not shy, and always says just what's on her mind. She's a big talker and is older then her age, she may only be 6 but she can carry a conversation like an adult. She is a book worm and her spelling skills are lets just say better then mine. She excels in her school work. She's cute and she will tell you how cute she is, LOL. If you say oh Katelyn you look so cute, she says I know. She is the only girl and knows just how to work pap paw, she has put her girls skills to work on him many times. She know a few bats of the eyelashes and she wins. She has taught me a few things about living life to it's fullest. She is a such a joy it often brings tears to my eyes.
Bottom left, Keith our mr mischievius. He is so sweet and loving you just want to squeeze him. When he comes running to the door to greet me with his arms all stretched out, hollering nana all the way, it makes my heart melt. He loves to investigate and explore new things. He is a danger to him self at times. He started early too, as soon as he could crawl he was a climbing and in to every thing he could get his hands on. If he couldn't reach it he found a way. He's not near as bad about climbing as he use to be but I still have to keep a very close eye on him, because you just never know about him. Locked doors and high up places don't stop him, LOL. He just turned 2 and is talking up a storm. Me and Keith have a special bond, that even I can't explain. He thinks I'm his nana and only his, he thinks I should never leave and go home and if mom stops by for a visit you can bet he'll let everyone know he wants to stay with nana. I can take him anywhere and he is so well behaved, a little gentleman for sure, now if I can get him to do this at home. He just got a big boy bed and has learned to use to potty. He's growing up far too fast for me. He is so fun loving, always puts a smile on my face and keeps me young at heart.
Bottom right, John, he is so gentle and animated. You can see exactly what he thinking by the look on his face. He is so full of personality. He's almost 2yrs, he doesn't talk much but says it all with expressions. He has a face for everything. There is so much I could say about John, I'll just have to pick a few. He is an only child and good at keeping his self busy. He has always loved music, he will stop dead in his tracks to listen to a song playing. He loves to cook, give him some pots and a spoon and he's content for hours. It is funny to watch but he is so neat and tidy. If he gets his shirt wet when drinking, he wants a clean one. He keeps his toys right where he thinks they go. If one of the other kids leaves his leapfrog and the floor he picks it up and puts it back on his table, he knows his tools go on the work bench and his plastic french fries go in his play kitchen. I think he will be a neat freak like his mother. I have never seen his his room a mess, it just amazes me how he puts everything back where he got it. He's not one to get into things, he knows what his and what's not. I have to say his favorite thing would be his dog and outdoors, he could stay outside rain, shine, sleet or snow. He is also a momma's boy, as bad as I want to call him mine he's hers. It's usually bath time when mom gets home from work but as soon as he hears the horn beep from locking the car doors, it's all over for me. He can't get out of the tub fast enough to see his mommy. I love when he gets tired he crawls up in my lap and lays his little head down and goes right off to sleep. It like heaven for me to have him in my arms.
You know it's a funny thing how each one is so different. I wouldn't change one thing about either one of them, I love them all with every bit of my heart. When I think of any one of them I feel so blessed, it makes me cry with joy just thinking of them.

Blake, So loving and thoughtful!! Katelyn, Our super star!!! Keith, Mr. mischievous!! John, is gentle and animated!!


  1. Don't they melt your heart! I think that is one thing about getting older that is a complete plus. The wonderful, beautiful grandchildren.

  2. Grandkids...we can't help but love 'em. You've got some great ones, nana!

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  4. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. (Sorry about my english. I understand almost everything, but is hard to express myself). Your grandchildren are beautiful, and look very happy and healty. God bless you and them. You ask me about the owls. It's a SAL. Weekly, a friend post one owl. There are 25 owls. If you want the patterns send me your email. The address of the blog which is posting the owls is:
    I send you a big hug and a kiss.

  5. I am back from vacation and had a ball!! I did get a purse crocheted and made it to a quilt show, but if you want to see me on a bike, it will be posted on my blog as soon as I figure out how to get it from a website to the blog!! lol

  6. oops, the main thing I wanted to say was your grandchildren are a delight! And you can certainly see they are the apple of your eye.

  7. what a delightful post about your grandchildren :) I think it's the same way with all moms and maybe even more so with grandmothers b/c they look past the frusterations LOL

    I love all 3 of my kids so intensly yet so different. I should write up a post about each of them and share. :) Thanks for the idea to do so.

    I hope you printed out copies and gave to your grandkids' parents so they can save for them to read one day ;) I'm sure they would find it a treasure to read how you thought of them.....oh what I wouldn't give to have a letter like this from my "Momma Newt" ;) I was her youngest of 18 grandkids...and there were also 23 greats... and Momma Newt had a most special way to make EACH of us feel like WE were her favorite ;)

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie


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