Mar 5, 2009

I've been busy

I spent the last 2 days cutting 75 FQ's, 30 for Bingo Bonnie's FQ bingo and the others for the COF quilting retreat which is in April. I'm so excited, this will not only be my first retreat but I will get to meet 70 on my HGTV online friends. How great is that??? That's what that countdown clock in my sidebar is for. I bet you thought I was just into hunky guys,LOL. The hunky guys is a pic of some PJ's that were worn to the last retreat and I thought they made a cute clock for us 70 crazy ladies. It won't be long now, as bad as I want to go, I'll miss have that clock, LOL..

I also joined the Scraps to Treasure challenge this year. Is is going to be fun, not only are all the quitls going to charity but it will make me put my thinking cap on. I'm just not that creative of a person, but it doesn't stop me from trying. After all it's not about who wins but who finishes right and we all have fun and someone somewhere get a great quilt. There was 58 of us sign up this year, so come see the show over on the HGTV message board and vote for mine, hehe. Just kidding, you won't know who's is who's until after the voting. Doesn't hurt to have wishful thinking though. I will post when the show is, the ladies have made some very nice quilts in the past 3 yrs. and we all love pics.

I have so many things I's like to show you but they have all been pretty secret projects up to this point. I let one quilt get out the door before taking a pic of it. I'm going to try to remember to get a pic of all the other things before sending them off so you can see what I've been up to. I know I'm not the master of quilting and have tons to learn but good or bad I'm showing it. The way I look at it is at least I gave it my all and who knows it might make someone very happy and say "hey come look at this, I'm not such a bad quilter after all, what was she thinking". I know I ask myself that a lot. I always start out thinking i have a good plan and by the time I finish, I'm not happy with it, only happy to be finished. I know one day I will make a quilt that when all is said and done I will love. I feel that day coming, just wish it would hurry up and get here. I'm taking a class at the retreat on overlay applique. Quiltbea is teaching this class. She made some of the most beautiful applique Caroline ladies and this is what we will be learning. I know I have it in me, if I can just find it, I'll make me some too.

I'm off today is my day off so I've got to go fabric zipper and rick rack shopping to finish up several projects that have to be done soon.One more thing, Cliff's been doing pretty good and it been at least q month since I'v ehad to call an ambulance and that feels good. I've got to say it has all wore me down a bit and I've been feeling less the perfect for the last few weeks but i think it is all from stress and allergies. It's so spring like here and our temps will be in the 70's all week crazy huh, especially since last week was freezing and some had snow. I just heard Cliffs feet hit the floor so guess I have to run, talk to you later. Have a great day!!!


  1. Damn you are buzzie how do you find time to do anything I am glad all is well with you I miss U ...lani

  2. wow 75! you were really on a roll! I need to begin thinking about the FQ Bingo game for Circle of Friends.... and get some cut and set aside. I need to review the catagories first. ;)

    Thanks for mentioning it... ~bonnie

  3. PS - and thanks to the link to my blog. I appreciate that ;) the last two times I've read my name on someone elses' blog they didn't link to me :(


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