Mar 14, 2009

Working on my to-do list

I've been working very hard to get my to-do list down. I'm going to my first retreat in April and can't tell you how excited I am. I've had so many things to do to prepare for this, that I haven't got much quilting done but am making some progress. I have finished my cuppa blocks. I only had to make 3 sets before I got them right. Here's a peek at them before they head out the door Monday morning. I'm going to be working on my t-shirt challenge for the retreat today and tomorrow. I've also been working on my PIF gifts while I watch American Idol. These have quite a bit of hand work so they are nice to work on while watching TV. I've also started the blocks for my DD's quilt. I'm loving the colors of these.


  1. Love the steam coming out of the cup of coffee.

    The fabric's on the right front are the colors I just bought. Sort of inbetween pink and red. I think they are really eye catching.

    I have to get a new camera. Yours takes good color, mine makes anything in the area of bright, like red or dark blue look just awful.

    I can tell you are getting excited about the retreat! I'm excited for you!

  2. I hear you about getting ready for the COF retreat. This is my first stitching/crafting retreat and I am getting very nervous about it and having everything done in time. My goal is to have everything else done by April 1 and then spend the month of April doing my COF projects done by April 23rd.

    Love the fabrics for your daughters quilt.


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