Sep 1, 2008

The little dorky bird house box,

I know I haven't posted in a while but have been very busy, not too busy to post just most of the projects I have been working on are swaps with other that I just can't show pictures and details of. I really want to show everyone what I've been up to but most of it will just have to wait. I do have one little thing I made that might seem sort of dorky, but do you just ever get in the mood to make something off the top of your head, something different, that you just don't have to do just so-so. Well, I find myself in these situations where I just get overwhelmed with what I have to do and just don't want to but once I make something just for the fun of it, I'm on a roll and have completed many of the things that I had hanging over my head. Try it sometime maybe it will work for you too. After making this little wild and crazy bird box for a friend, who has inspired me to try new things, I managed to complete 3 other projects that I just kept putting off. I felt so good today, having those out of the way I have stated another really cute mini wall hanging. I post a pic of it when it's completed tomorrow. But for now here is the little dorky bird box, that was so much fun to make, and I do learn from making these small projects. I do hope she likes it, or at least get a good laugh out of it. Everyone needs something to smile about sometimes, and aren't surprises fun, well at least the good surprises.


  1. I love that!

    The house is beautiful.
    Very original. Very Cute!!

  2. Adorable birdhouse and bird. Love all the bright colors.

  3. I can't believe it! That adorable "Dorky" little birdhouse was for me!! It was certainly a surprise and I just love you for it. If you haven't read my blog yet, you'll find that I named the bird "Max". Thank you for making me feel so special.

  4. I don't think this little bird house is dorky at ALL! It is very cute and colorful!!! and I know that it brought a huge smily to nicklee's face when she opened her package from you!!! :) :) :)

    You are super sweet to share some of your stash to make it.. ;) Will you be going to the '09 COF in NH??? Perhaps you could make one for a door prize? Hope to meet you there!

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  5. Bonnie, I am going to the COF. I'm so excited. I can't wait to meet everyone. I hated leaving Cliff for so many days but he's just not able to get away for that many days. He really encouraged me to go, he knew how bad I wanted to, but at the same time felt guilty for leaving him alone. His grandson who has brain damage(due to a drunk driver) also lives with us, so I just left like I was going to be deserting them but everyone has reassured me they are close enough to help out. I never thought about making door prizes, that's just a terrific idea, since I do love to make little things on a whim.


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