Sep 16, 2008

Dreams really do come true.

My Grand daughter Katelyn got her new leg braces today, and she stood alone for the first time in her little life. Katelyn, never cared if she could walk or not, until she started school last year, and other children made fun of her and hurt her feelings. She felt different for the first time in her life. Although her 2 brothers, cousins and friends she grew up around could all walk, run, jump, and ride bikes , she never viewed herself as different. They all treated her just like they would if could walk. But once she enter a world where the other children that hadn't known her all her life suddenly treated has though she was different, she quickly became depressed and talked about how she wanted to walk. She had been in therapy for 3-4 tears but hated it and just didn't want to go, the therapist dicided that they would just wait until she was ready. It has took 6 months for her new braces to be made and they received them today. She was able to stand alone for the first time. But she didn't get to keep the braces because they do need some adjustments. But, I'm just so overjoyed, that I can't find the words to describe how I feel. and can hardly type for crying tears of joy. WOW, what a change this will make in all of our lives. Her mother doesn't even know yet, she's still at work, and had no idea that her braces would arrive today, neither did I for that fact. Katelyn's wheelchair is so heavy, I couldn't lift it. So, most of the time I just toted her and used her stroller. Which was fine, except I also had her younger brother and cousin both age 1 now, which I keep while my Daughters work. And it was just so difficult to have 3 children that couldn't walk. Any time I went somewhere I had to carry all 3 to the car and use 2 strollers, one was a double stroller. Now I guess you're wondering how I pushed those 2 strollers. Well, I would push the big one and Katelyn older brother who is 10 would push hers. Now both the babies are walking and Katelyn is off to a good start too. I mean to be able to stand alone her first time wearing her braces is a miracle. Katelyn has always had leg braces but could never stand with them. Since they have moved down here she has had new doctors, who have discovered what was preventing her from standing and redesigned her braces to fit her needs. It seems it will make her dream of walking come true. I so happy for her, she is so sweet, and all I want is for her to be happy. I love her with all my heart and couldn't bear seeing her so sad. Children think that mom, dad, or nanna is suppose to make things better, and I just never knew how to tell her she may never walk, so I would just tell her God made her exactly the way he wanted her, and that she is special, and never think you can't do the things that others do, that you just have to do it in a differnet way. Now, I know in my heart that she will have her dream come true. And it's just so overwhelming for me, I just can't take it all in. We've become so adapted to the thought that she would never walk that you can't imagine what this must mean to us. It all still hasn't sunk in, as I writing, I am realizing all the possiblity this will mean, and I'm just floating. And undescibable weight that I never knew I had has been suddenly lifted and no words can described this joy. I'll have to come back and address this later, I sudden am so light headed.


  1. I cried right along with you while I was reading! What a blessing. God is good isn't He!!!

  2. ((( this is me..sitting here...just tears )))


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