Apr 6, 2009

Don't look now!

My goodness, I stumbled across a blog today via my visitor map and WOW does not describe her work. I think I will be ordering some of her patterns, not that I think I could pull on off but maybe one day (never hurts to have positive thinking). She is also having a giveaway, so be sure to enter that. Here's the link to her giveaway, make sure you hurry, I think it ends tonight!
Oh my, I had to come back and edit this post. To tell you she has some tutorials to make some of her pillows on her blog!!


  1. Thanks for the link...her work is amazing!!

  2. I ran (quick) over to visit and WOW! She does do amazing work, doesn't she! :)

  3. Isn't she great. I've been visiting her blog for a while now and would love to try out some of her designs once I finish up some of my other projects.

  4. WoW! Thank you! I hope one day I can do her beginner designs!


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