Apr 11, 2009

I've gotten behind

On reading everyone's blogs and posting on my own. But I've have been terribly busy getting ready for the big retreat. If you look on my side bar you will see a COF retreat countdown clock. When I first put it there I had over 190 days. Boy has the time flew, now I find myself in a mad dash to get everything done. I have got the tutorial I promised, all drafted up and ready to post the day I leave (April23rd) can't do it any sooner or I may ruin the little surprise I made for this great group of ladies. I had quite a few projects/challenges to complete. So, as soon as I return I'll be posting lots of pics, I know everyone likes pics. I'll also be taking several classes and will show you what I accomplish at those as well. There was a spot come open at the last minute so my wonderful sister was able to now join in on the fun. The best part is she is going to fly from Ohio down here to Ga. to fly back up to NH with me, where we'll have a stop in Pa. What's so great about that you ask, well not only has it been far too long since I have got to spend time with my sister, but I have been terrified about traveling alone and have came close to backing out several times. This is a once in a lifetime event for me, I have never attended a retreat or quilting class, and the best part is getting to meet 70 of my online quilting friends, and spend time with my sister. We will also be taking a big trip to Keepsake quilt shop, woohoo. I've only been to 2 quilt shops before and although I thoroughly enjoyed it they were quite small and a bit of a drive so I usually do all my shopping online. I decided I had better bring an empty suitcase to haul my loot back in, and it's a big one too : ) We will be playing FQ bingo, show and tell, making the Miranda bag, we will be doing a meet and greet where we all will be wearing the T-shirt we created to represent our state, they have too many things on our to do list for me to possibly list them all. So after 2 suitcases and a purse later I decided I needed more, so I made a tote for my sewing things. My sister wants me to make her one of the cute little buttercup bags that she seen some of the ladies on the HGTV message board make and the tutorial for them is on madebyrae.blogspot.com/ I hope to get started one that tomorrow, and possibly finish it and post tomorrow. But for now the only thing I can show you is the tote, which is a Simplicity gardening tote pattern but I loved the big pleated pockets and it has 12. that should hold all my stuff. It looks rather small in this pic but it will hold my pocket book, laptop and all my sewing tools, camera, cell phone, a few good books and of course some snacks(fig newtons for me). I have the matching apron pattern, if I have time I'll be making that too.


  1. Oh Donna, that's going to be a wonderful retreat...and spending time with your sister too!
    have a wonderful and safe trip. Look forward to hearing all about it when you get back...
    Not long now till you go..
    Julia ♥

  2. Beautiful. I love bags. Kisses

  3. I love buttons! Love your bag!

  4. That's just great that Becky is getting to go along!

    Only a loving sister would fly south only to then fly north so her little sister had a traveling partner..Donna, I think Becky is a keeper!

    You girls have fun! I really wish I could have gone. I haven't had a vacation in 3 years. Maybe next time..I think it's going to be in Oregon.

  5. Glad you are getting things ready, it is almost time to go!!!!
    I can`t wait to meet you and your sister. I took a smaller suitcase with all my stuff in it to Houston and then packed that suitcase into the largest suitcase I had. It worked out perfectly. But don`t forget to check with your airline for cost on the second suitcase, it might be cheaper to just mail your purchases home. BUT, the mail lost a large box of Nicki`s last year, full of her CQ dyed laces, and never found it. So think which way you want to go.
    BTW, I love your bag!

  6. Can't wait to see your big suitcase full of goodies! I'm sure you're going to have a fantastic time!

  7. WOW you've completed a lot. I'm still working on the challenge project. Looking forward to meeting you soon.

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog. I especially couldn't wait to hear what YOU thought about the quilting. It means so much to hear positive feedback from a fellow quilter. Thank you soooo much and the little bag is beautiful!!!!

  9. So glad that Becky is coming too!! All ya'll have to do is make to the Atlanta airport on time...and I'll get ya organized for the remainder of the trip! Hugs!!


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