May 25, 2009

I'm feeling better today

I've been very sick for the last 4-5 days and am starting to feel human again. I did absolutely nothing this weekend. I stayed in the bed mostly and tried to get up a few times only to realize I needed to go back to bed. What ever it was Cliff had a touch of it too. We sure was a pitiful looking pair, but we made it through.
I thought I should post something so everyone doesn't think I just fell off the face of the earth. I don't have much to report because I haven't made much so I'll just show you some of the things I worked on in the past few months.
Here's a pic of the FQ challenge I made for the retreat. I actually made 2 one for me and one for sis. I made the memory board for me so I could display all my COF pic on it in my sewing room. I made the car caddy for my sis because I had seen one over on Sewmanyways blog and thought it would be a great thing to have.
Then there was the t-shirt challenge and turns out it was a challenge for me It took me 3 attempts to get one made that I could actually use. I got my first shirt all painted up and was relieved to have it done, then I tried it on to find it was too small. So, instead of buying a new shirt I thought I just cut the small one up and make a southern bell hat for the challenge, since I am in the heart of the south. But after making that I talked to one of the committee members and she said it we had to have a shirt that was a bill board for our state. So, here's my billboard, I buttoned it to my shirt using peanuts for buttons. I'm glad I had to redo my shirt because I tried thread painting for the first time and loved it. It was so much easier the I had thought it would be. If you have thought about trying it you should it is just too much fun.
At the last minute before leaving I was reading the new regulations for carrying computers on the plane and found that the case we had wouldn't do because of all the layers of leather and metal that was on it. So, I thought I whip something up right quick to carry it in. So, I went and found some (ugly) fabric I thought I'd never use for anything else and threw this together and well it turned out pretty nice after all, and the fabric doesn't look half bad on this. I like it so much that I use it all the time now.
We had the Miranda bag for our group project, but only a few of the ladies actually completed the bag at the retreat. We were just having too much fun to sit and sew. Never thought I'd say that. I didn't think anything would rank higher in my list of fun things to do then sewing, LOL. But I did finish the bags when I got home. They are nice bags, but after carrying it for a few days found I just don't like these handles.
Here is one of the postcards I made for the "I wish" postcard swap. I'm sure we all have the wish in common.
I also made some fabric baskets for a friend, I didn't take pics of these. I have completed my mini for the "Summer" mini swap, I 'll post it after my partner receives it. I'm a bit worried because my daughter says it looks more like Spring then Summer. I never get anything just right so this is just typical of me, but I'm happy with how it turned out and if she loves it then I'll love it. I made 9 more paint brush roll-ups for my sister. I've also been working and my Trash to treasure challenge, it won't win no prizes either but it is for a good cause, so that's the important thing. I have also been picking out things to use in the CQ one block swap. No I'm not really a CQ but I do like trying. I most happy about who's name I got for the swap. I got to meet her at the retreat and instantly loved her. So, I'm working extra hard to make her a block she will hopefully love. Last but not least we celebrated my youngest grandson's Birthday Tues. right before I came down with this awful stuff. This maybe where I picked it up. But We had a ball at his B'day bash and as soon as I upload some pics I'll share those with you. I had my daughter take a few of me and Cliff so maybe one will be good enough to update my profile with. If not, it will just have to wait until after I get some teeth. I've been having them pulled 3 at a time. I'm down to 6 teeth now which makes eating almost impossible. I have about 2 more months before I can actually eat something that I have to chew. Did I mention I am hungry, I found that liquids and creamed foods don't seemed to fill you up for very long. Well, I think I'm going to try and get a few things accomplished today. I won't be making it to the PO until tomorrow. I had hoped to do it Sat but neither of us felt like it, so maybe I can get these 3 packages out to their new homes tomorrow. I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend.


  1. thanks for the update to your blog, I'd been wondering where you'd been. glad things are on the upswing.

  2. Good to hear you are feeling better. Being sick is just not fun...sounds like you need a big bowl of Homemade Chicken Noodle make you feel better and to fill you up!!! Take care hope you are back to 110% soon.

  3. You were missed!

    I love your mini and it does look like summer. I have one I'm not sure of either, but it's done and I'm not looking back...She'll like it.

    Glad you & Cliff are on the mend!

  4. Hey Donna, sorry to hear that you've been sick... here at our house all weekend my husband had been feeling run over - he has the flu and is worse than I've ever known him to be in the 12 years we've been married. The kids and I are trying our best to stay away form him.

    Your post is great! love all of the photos... and that hat, cool! made from a T shirt really?? I love it.

    and I la,la,Love the car sewing caddy you made and gifted to me at the end of the retreat! I do have it in the van but have only found one place it will fit to hang on.. which since I drive during the day doesn't bother me any but for David it does b/c it covers up the headlight button.. your photo it looks so good sitting on the table I just may move it inside to the dinign room table - a great place to keep the rotary cutter and such.. ;) I'm always misplacing those.

    Again, glad you are feeling better. Sure glad we got to meet at the retreat!

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  5. PS - forgot to say your postcards are so cute - those are my kind of colors ;)

    and looking on the left of your blog I didn't notice my blog in your side bar :( oh no.

  6. SICK!!

    Oh No....we can't have that! Better get those vitamins...and lot's of orange juice in you...pronto!!

  7. Dear Donna,
    So glad you're feeling better!

    Love the projects! Love that hat!

    Continue getting well and enjoy the early Summer!


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