Jun 8, 2009


I'm about caught up with all the odd and end projects I've been working on. I'll be glad to get back to making some quilts, looks like I'll be back at it by next week. I have been working on a couple quilts but I can't show one yet. It's for the Scraps to Treasure challenge I joined and we can't post pics. The other on is one I started a few months back for my daughter. I should be able to get my blocks sewn together and a border put on very soon. I had hoped to start the tumbling block quilt my sister wants but Cliff still hasn't forgotten the Wonky Dawgs quilt and has once again reminded me he needs it. So, when I told him I'd have it made by Christmas he said he had to have it before ball season started in Sept. I think it will go together pretty quick since I have most of the strips already cut. I have about 5-6 other quilts on my list to do before Christmas. I just don't see me getting them all done but we'll see. So from now til then my list looks like this. 1-DD#2, 2-Cliff, 3- Becky, 4-DGS#3, 5- DD#1, 6-SIL#2, 7-Sil#1, 8-James. My nephew has also asked for one. Now, I have got all my fabrics bought and most of the patterns picked out with the exception of my nephews. But it doesn't look like I'll be getting to it anytime soon any how.It doesn't look like I'll be getting a quilt this year either, but I'm okay with that.
The past couple of weeks I have been working on my CQ one block, I made 15 of the card holders for a restaurant here in town, only they wanted vinyl for theirs. They had seen the one my DD had and asked her if I could make them some, so naturally she told them I could. I've done quite a bit of sewing for them in the past and they always pay me pretty good. Yesterday I made two large baskets. One for Cliff to put all his meds in so I can have my dining table back and the other i made for my DGS to keep some of his toys in. I'll post a pic of them tomorrow, I haven't took one yet. But I got the memo board made for a friend who seen the one I posted last week and propositioned me a trade. Now, I would have made her one anyway but she wanted to make me a Calligraphy wedding ring, now how could I resist that. I know just who to give it to. Here's a pic of the memo board I made her.
My DD and SIL are going to Vegas for 5 days so I'll have the kids that week. This will be the first time she has ever been away from them. I know she is looking forward to a little break. She'll be starting her new job when she gets back. I'm not certain what her schedule will be after she gets done training. So, I'm not sure how it will affect the babysitting schedule I have now. She was offer to move up where she was working but that would have required her to work more hours then she wanted. I'll be going to Ky. In July for a small family reunion. Katelyn will also be having her surgery shortly after that. Cliff's going to Emory tomorrow to be screened to see if he is now able to have a transplant. Last time we went he was turned down due to his unstable health. He's been doing pretty good and the doctors have scheduled him once again to go for a screening to see where he stands now. All seems to be going good, just very busy. But if we're not busy we're not getting anything done now are we. My cat had kittens and they are all spoken for, just try catching them, LOL. They are outside cats and run everytime someone comes up. I'm so glad they are here. I haven't seen any snakes this year, last year before someone dropped the cat here we seen snakes out here all the time. Speaking of snakes my SIL killed a huge snake in his yard just a couple weeks ago. That thing must have been at least 6-7 ft long. He layed it right beside the door stoop so when I went over to babysit and went up to the door it would scare me and it did. I ran like crazy, I told him not to ever do me like that again. I could have a heart attach at my age. Not to mention they'd be finding a new babysitter. Well, I guess no one really wants to hear about the crazy pranks my kids play on me, so I'll quit rambling. Just wanted to come and let you know what I've been up to. We'll be sending in our minis for the swap before long so I'll get to post the one I made and the one I receive before long and hopefully once I get past through the busy next month I'll be back to quilting and posting some real pics. I'll let you know how it goes for Cliff tomorrow, I'm not sure we'll know anything definite but you never know. One more thing I want to mention. I have a good blog friend Kristi that is having an online yard sale to raise money for her son. She selling quilting fabric and books so go take a look and see if you can find anything that interest you. She (Cowgirlquilter) has a link in her side bar to her yardsale, with great prices for a good cause.


  1. Glad to see you post! Looks like you have been so busy! I'm cleaning up my last few projects too. I'm working on the last 2 Pay it forward gifts and some Barbie clothes for Shawkl's DGD.

    Next I have a star quilt I'm working on for Dave, and I bought Moda's Aviary for a quilt for me. I also have 4 Christmas quilts to layer that have been waiting for years.

    We have to go to court over the car accident, there's a problem with the house we gave to the church and Tammy, Talia, & Kathy are coming to visit.I think I'm suppose to be retired? lol

    Hope Cliff gets good news and your DD enjoys her vacation!

  2. First off, good luck to Cliff! Hope it is great news!

    Looks like you will be busy with making all those gifts!

    Coming to KY??? Anywhere in Eastern KY?

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. I wandered where you were!!! Glad to hear it was just busy and not bad news. So glad to hear Cliff is doing better. Maybe you should go away more often. lol
    I know you will have a great time in Kentucky, just to bad you could not have come here for a few days when Kathy and Talia are here. Oh well maybe next time you and Becky can come for a visit.

  4. Hi honey! So glad Cliff is doing better :) Lovvvve that memo board! wow!

  5. You are always sooooo busy! Glad to hear you're stitching...cause that tells me you're feeling better! Super!! Hugs, Kathy.

  6. I like snakes on TV shows but if I saw a real one that long I might run way screaming. And then maybe get my camera.

    got any kitten pics??

    I'll be thinking of you and Cliff.

  7. love the memo board. I have been wanting to make one but just haven't. Have a good weekend.

  8. The memo board you made is lovely. I have not seen one I like that much. My mother is in the nursing home and I've been looking for a pretty one like that for several years to hang on her wall with pictures. Do you make them to sell?
    It is good to hear you are feeling better.


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