Jun 27, 2009

My CQ do-dad find of the day

I went to this antique, collectible, second hand thrift shop today that has about 4 levels and just enormous. It is impossible to navigate this whole store in one day. But that's okay because I didn't make it past the first room before my budget was spent. But I'm happy with today's find and see another trip there in the near future. My very favorite of all the things I got is the yellow roses and the rhinestone bird, I probably paid too much for them but they were the two pricier items I just couldn't live without. I need to clean the little bird up but it has a lot of pretty stones on it. I don't know why the alligator struck my fancy but you never know when you might need an alligator, LOL, and I may never need the gloves either but they didn't cost too much so I got them. The pic doesn't show good but the milky looking stones on the earrings to the right are more like opal stones they have pretty sparkles in them. There was just too much for me to take it all in. I'm going to divide these goodies up and send some to my sis who is just starting her first CQ block. I'm going to be stingy though and keep the bird and yellow roses. I did find some pretty rose beads that I love and want, so I'll split those up with her so I don't feel bad about keeping the 2 yellow roses all to myself.I had planned to go to Hobby Lobby afterward but decided to call it a day, maybe tomorrow. I think this thrift store shopping could become an obsession.


  1. I love the hand. I just ordered a few hands from a charm place on line. Hope they are as nice as yours.

    I just packed up some doo-dads for Becky today. Included in the batch is 3 pink roses.

    Son didn't make it to the PO today. If he soon doesn't go I'll be writing a huge check to them! I have a stack of boxes sitting here!

  2. Very cool! I'm going to have to go thrifting when I am feeling better. :)

  3. I actually love the alligator.

    I am just starting to CQ... can you (or someone) tell me how you would attach something like that alligator or the hand or the bird?
    That way if I find some do-dads I will know how to use them.

  4. Oooo! Fun to look at!

    I have an alligator necklace!
    When we lived in Southern Georgia,
    I was always afraid of having an alligator in the yard! You have to
    think about those things if you've put out a little swimming pool for
    the toddlers!
    Our friends gave me the nickname, "Gator" and the necklace!

    Have fun w/your pretties!

  5. I can't wait to get some of this bling!! I love it all. I'm having so much fun with this CQ block. It really makes you think about everything you put on there. I think I've taken out more than I've put on so far. I walk away from it and when I come back I think...I need to fix that. How do you know when something is done and you're happy with it?


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