Jun 30, 2009

Time for the tooth fairy

Isn't she so cute without her tooth. She so excited about the tooth fairy, she might actually go to bed on time tonight. I had to run down and snap a few shots when she called me with her exciting news. She also went for her appt. today and they are trying to fit her surgery in the first part of this month, were expecting the call from the Doc in 5 days. She's so brave, wish we were.


  1. She's growing up too fast! Lost teeth are the first sign :(

    When my boys lost a tooth, it spent the night going from pillow to pillow until they all fell asleep. The tooth Fairy had to devide the bank under 4 pillows!

  2. The cutest little thing!!! She is a doll baby. I will be praying for her, Donna.

  3. When your kid loses a tooth, especially if it's his or her first, it really makes you want to go "Aww!" These moments definitely have to be archived in your journal, or better yet, here on your blog. The tooth fairy story must have served as an inspiration that made her go through the dental stuff bravely.


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