Jun 15, 2009

Leaders and enders

After seeing some pretty quilts made on the HGTV message board being made by sewing strips and patches as leaders and enders I thought it was a great idea to use up some of my scrap fabrics. I had several strips of some dot fabric left from my DGD's princess quilt. I also have about a yrd of each that hasn't been cut. I started yesterday sewing the strips together while piecing the last of the blocks I need for my DD's quilt. I was amazed at how quikly I had so many strips sewn togehter. Today I cut those into sub strips and sewed those togehter and now I very happy I did. I will soon have enought to make quilts for my 4 great grand nieces. They will all be made form the same fabric with different layous. Hopefully by doing this I will be able to surprises these little princesses with a quilt for Christmas. Here's how my strips look after I had sub cut hem and then sewed them into longer strips as leaders and enders. I'm excited about these and have layout planned for all four of them. I'm finally putting the blocks together on my DD's quilt I started several months ago. I hope to have the borders on and ready for quilting by July.
I'll have the kids for 5 days starting Thurs so won't get any sewing done next week. Katelyn goes to Chattanooga on the 30th to get scheduled for her surgery. My DD said she is pretty sure they will doing her surgery at Egleston Childrens hosp in ATL. Cliff vascular surgeon is thinking he might have to replace Cliff shunt which is showing signs that it could rupture. He's going to watch it for the next couple of weeks and see if it gets better or worse.


  1. Love the leader & enders. I know you're busy this week. Just wanted to ask how Cliff made out with the transplant team? Let me know how he's doing when you get time.

  2. You are already planning quilts as surprises for Christmas...which makes me think I better get going on holiday items. I have some halloween and christmas quilts I want to make.

    My thoughts are with you concerning all the medical issues.


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