Nov 1, 2009

All it took was a pep from Beck and some scraps.

I was feeling a little down on Friday, maybe even a lot down but my sister called to talk about how she needs to get in gear and work on her to do list and next thing I knew I was feeling better and motivated to tackle some of those scraps. So, I broke out all those bits and pieces you end up with after cutting those strips to swap out nickels and coins. I always have those end of the strip pieces that don't quite measure up. That why they end up in the loose change pile. I found that most of the end pieces could be cut to 4.5" pieces with the least waste. I got to cutting and in no time at all I had plenty of 2.5"x4.5" pieces. Now I like the way brights look so crisp against white so I pulled some white from my stash and cut 2.5" strips and then sub cut to 4.5". I sewed all my bright pieces to white pieces, then pressed all those while watching some scary Halloween movies. Today I sat down to sew all those together into strips. Then got to crying which made it hard to see, so I took a break and went outside which somehow seems to cheer me up. I went back to sewing and wa-la, next thing I knew I almost got all my strips sewed, only 5 more to go. This is going to be a very bright and cheery quilt. Here's what I have so far. I plan to put a 2.5" of white between the rows. I really like how quick and easy this was to make. A the best part is I'm one step closer to my scrap busting goal!!!! I'm going to call it Loose Change.


  1. I love it!!! I may have to give your new pattern
    Loose Change a try. I have a lot of smaller pieces of brights, and I really like how they look against the white. I have tons of Christmas fabric pieces, bet they would look good too.

  2. That's really looking good. I'm amazed at how much you've gotten done on it already. I did manage to do a little painting today and I'm almost done with one teapot. I never did get my crazy ornament pieced. I'm just glad to be back on line. Wait until I tell you what the problem was. You are not going to believe it. Why didn't you call me when you started feeling sad?

  3. I have to second that! Why didn't you call me when you were feeling sad? Crying is part of grief. It's actually better to cry then to try and avoid it. I avoided it for two years and found myself in counseling.

    Your life has completely changed with the move also. I'm feeling totally confused over this move and I didn't have to deal with a loss besides.Hang in there, brighter days will come.

    In one swap I got a mini coin quiltie. I love it. It's very colorful and cheerful. If I remember right, on the back side she ran the coins sideways so I could hang it either way. I haven't unpacked that box yet or I'd show you a picture.

    Keep busy, call on all your friends when you need too, don't dwell on what was but look forward to visiting Becky this spring. Hugs

  4. Loose Change is a wonderful title! All the little bits add up to more than we realize...and that goes for money, in quilts, and in finding happiness again in our life!

  5. "Loose Change" very pretty quilt. You are amazing, just love visiting your blog to see your work. Hang in there, thinking of you.

  6. Loose Change, what a brilliant name for such a fun and colourful quilt!

  7. I love the name...
    don't worry about the tears it's all part of the grief, something you hae to go through... It's been 21 years and I still get teary eyed...
    ever need to talk give me a call



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