Mar 5, 2014

My new purse for Spring

I love everything about my new purse. I drew me up a pattern similar to one I had seen only I made it to suit my needs and I just love it. I've got plans to make a couple more. Hope to get to those soon. I've been pretty busy lately sewing for others so I try to squeeze in time to work on some of my projects. I just about have my other MQ top together. I've also been putting together blocks a friend of mine's great grandmother had pieced and was not able to finish they are simply amazing and Can't wait to share those beauties with you. Also, here's a link for my card holder key chain tutorial which would be great to make them match the purse.


  1. It sure says spring to me, and dang do we need spring this year, it has been a long hard winter!

  2. It looks like a fun bag and the fabrics are very springlike and cheerful. Just what's needed right now!

  3. If I buy this pattern at craftsy, would it be ok to sell the finished bag? Thank you.


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