Jan 23, 2013

Finished Season 4 Challenge 2 My Favorite Color

For our 2nd challenge the theme was My favorite color and white. So I choose my favorite color, green. I have been using these challenges to complete projects that have been on my to-do list. I had a request for a make-up bag with several pockets. So I thought this would be a great opportunity to do this for my project. I knew once I got thinking about it, I was gonna have a problem putting the separator piece in with the boxed corners so the bag would be roomy and boy was I right. I had laid in bed at night thinking of how I would pull that one off and still have the bag fully lined with boxed corners and no seams. Knowing that boxing the corners would not only raise the bottom of the bag but also shorten the width on the bottom. I knew the bottom of the piece couldn't be stitch across the bottom until the corners were boxed. Because I would have to wait until the bottom of the bag was raised up to meet the middle piece. Hope that makes sense. So I had marked and cut my corners with a 1 3/4' square and placed my piece where it was about 1/4" below that line for when I stitched the bottom. Now, I've boxed corners before but never before sewing the bottom of the bag closed. That was tricky but went pretty well. I thought I had it all figured out, how I would get that in and still leave an opening for the turning. All was going well and then sure enough it happened. That's when I realized my piece that was to separate the bag was still too wide. I had figured for that but  I forgot to double it for both corners.  I had to rip it all out and do some trimming, another 3" off for the other side. I finally finagled that thing in there some how. I don't give up easily. If I do decide to make another one I have a new plan of execution. It wouldn't have been a problem but the boxed corners and that piece just didn't mix for me, because I just couldn't wrap my brain around it. I probably should have gooled it and could have found many ways of doing it. But it got done and that all that matters now.I made my first ever welted pocket (single bound and loved it). I put it on the outside of the bag for her lipstick, because that's something that gets used more often through out the day. I liked it so much, I decided I wanted to do another one, only with out any flap on the inside. Making welted pockets are my new favorite thing :) Then I did the simplest of pockets on the other side because I could make 2 pockets in one by stitching down the middle of one long pocket. Now I have 6 separate areas for make-up. I think that should be enough since she doesn't really wear that much make-up. I did make one major mistake, at least it's major for me and no one else would probably even notice if I didn't mention it. But, I really does bother me so I asked several people if they could see anything wrong with the back of the bag. Other the the pencil lines I drew on it to put the pocket in. I write on my stuff with pencil all the time. That didn't bother me because I always run my things through the wash any how so that will come right out. This mistake I'm afraid won't wash out. They never did spot the problem even after I had told them where it was. And to tell the truth it doesn't really show except in the pics. Why do pics always show you every little thing, even the smallest of threads you didn't clip close enough?? I know that others that sew and quilt will definitely notice that I put my pocket in on the wrong end of the back exterior fabric, causing the children on the toile to be standing on their heads. Yep, I was careful to cut my pieces all the right way then totally blew it when I put that pocket in. I think we've all done this at one time or another when working with directional fabric. I was disappointed but, I have found, that when you make something for someone they are so pleased to get it they never even notice or care about those things. They are usually just thrilled that you thought of them. Hey, I can say I'm happy with the way the zipper turned out. I've never done one in that method. I have always had both ends enclosed in the seams, but I wanted the bag to have a big mouth and it does. Over all I am very pleased with the way it turned out. I always learn from ever thing I try that's  new to me, besides, that and the smile it puts on someone face make it all worth the while. Since we have to give our project a name mines is called My Favorite Color Big Mouthed Make-up Bag, LOL!!                           


  1. Well done! Having to design bags inside down and upside out is always a learning experience. I wouldn't have noticed either. It's a beautiful bag and I love the colors!

  2. Welted pockets and everything! It looks extremely professional and I love the soft green color of the fabric. It's just beautiful!


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