Jan 4, 2013

Scrappy 4-patches

 For those of you who don't know, I have this love affair with scrappy quilts and the more I make, the more I love them. It doesn't matter to me if they are darks, brights, muted, or even monochromatic in color, seems they are always my favorites. There's really not much thinking involved in choosing the fabrics, just pick the ones that make you feel good. I probably have more ugly fabrics in my stash then most people, not because they are my favorite but because I got them at a great price, more then likely, but they work. If they are really really ugly I just use smaller pieces and the ugly goes away. I have always had a hard time paying full price for fabric. Especially now that the price has risen so much. I mean 11-15$ a yrd. are you kidding me, and you though gas was high. Not saying I never have paid full price but it's rare, real rare. I have to really really love it.  Like when I fell in love with Tula Pinks Flutterby, yes I paid full price and bought the whole bundle, but I found it hard to even cut up. I do most of my fabric shopping online. I buy good quality quilting fabric, but I almost always shop the sale section. I have also bought a few of the flat fold bundles mainly because they are great stash builders at a good price but also I like the surprise of seeing what I'll get and many times I have received fabrics I would not have picked by looking at them on a computer screen but turned out to be my favorites and then there's the ones that make you say "what ever will I do with this! So far it's not only working for me, it also challenges me. Which isn't a bad thing. I think it is helping me get better at putting different fabrics together, while keeping my obsession of making quilt more affordable. Here's what I'm currently working on, between quilting other tops and binding the one I just finished. It's gonna be a simple 4 patch but simple is just as pretty too.

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  1. It is super great to see you posting again! And, I'm glad I have a "follow" link to your blog, or I would have missed it! Went back a couple of posts, and love all of the quilting you have gotten done. The little "dots" baby quilt is so cute, I might have to steal that idea from you!
    So, glad to hear you are happy and back to making loads of quilts!


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