Jan 21, 2013

GREEN for me!!!

I could hardly wait to hear what our challenge was for this week. I was impatiently waiting and then it was written. This weeks challenge is "My favorite color". Ha, I had to think about that one. I have so many favorite colors. Can we just say I love color, all colors. But I do have a few favorites, so I had to narrow it down and think about what my favorite color really is. I know I love purple, but I really like the deep rich purples, not all purples. Then there is red, who doesn't love red. I know I do, especially mixed with other color. But there is a catch here, we can use only one other color in our project and that is white! So that made it easier for me because there is only one color that I have always loved no matter the shade, hue, tone, or what it is mixed with. And looking at my stash it easy to see it's GREEN for me. I love every possible shade of green there is. I almost went with a piece I've had for a long time that has a yellow under tone, one of my favorites but I have absolutely nothing that goes with it that doesn't have other colors in it and white just wouldn't do.I decided to go with ones that are fun and fresh and remind me of Spring.

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