Jan 21, 2013

Still Green but not any green

The chartreuse I originally wanted to use. I finally found a piece that will work perfectly with it and I know exactly what I'll be making with it. Now, I just need to find a zipper!! I'm super excited because this was the fabric I so wanted to make this project with. Isn't it beautiful? I do love toile and in my favorite color. Yeah!!! Happy dance.


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    1. I agree, Green is a fabulous color. I love the sages, olives, limey and the spring looking greens. I have this same fabric in a beautiful pale robins egg blue that I adore too. I love all toile prints. But picking a favorite color, pattern or style is difficult for me because I love plaids, florals, large prints, dainty prints and even solids. I have always had a very big soft spot for toile and checks. I find them irresistable!! I adore scrappy quilts the most but I also love the modern ones too.


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