Jan 22, 2013

Making progress

Last night I got my fabrics pressed and some of the pieces cut. I'll have to cut the rest as I go along  because I'm not following a pattern. So, I'll just figure as I go. But I did get the front panel quilted and the monogrammed fused and stitched in place. Now, I working on the ric-rac trim, which seems to be giving me a bit of a fit. My first thought was to tuck it under but I didn't like the way it raised the edges of the white strip. Had I have known that, I would have placed a piece of pellon or interfacing behind the white and raised it forward and that would have solved that issue but since I already had it fused and stitched down, there was no going back. Next I went to stitch the ric-rac in place and seen very quickly that it was shifting on me and I wasn't happy with the way it was looking. So I ripped that out. My second thought was to used the ole glue stick trick but couldn't find mine anywhere. Must be one of the many things I left in Ga. I really need to make another trip down to get the rest of my things but I just keep putting that off. I prefer to travel when the weather is more predictable.That left me with only one other option that I could think of. That would be to pin it. It's terribly tiny and difficult to do but I managed to get it held tight. I just hope that when I remove the pins as I sew it doesn't shift under the foot. I don't sew over pins but might if I have too. If anyone can tell me a better way, please do. I tried other presser feet that had grooves on the underside to see if that might help but I didn't have much luck with that either. I'm thinking if all else fails I might try under wonder on it. Any suggestion are welcome. I'm also thing I might need to do a zig zag around the monogram, provided that the I can find a thread here in this small town that matches the green!


  1. Next time you need a glue stick, and can't find one. Try spraying some starch into the lid of the can, then use a small paint brush to apply to the back of the fabric (or rickrack). Iron and it will hold for a little while.
    I do this for edges of applique pieces sometimes, and press them under, then hand stitch down. So, it might work for this issue too...worth a try!

    1. That's a great idea, gives me another thought too. I could have sprayed it with the embroidery spray that gets really tacky. Way faster then all the pins.


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