Jun 20, 2008

17th Century rope bed

I went to this second hand store right down the road looking for a table I could cut a hole in for my sewing machine, to make machine quilting a bit easier. Well, I did not find a table but I did find this 200 year old bed. Now, I love old things, and had a empty bedroom where My daughter had bought a house and moved out back in January. So, I had to have it. Well turns out they are not your average size bed. So, yesterday I had to go online a place a order for a special size mattress to fit it. Guess that means I'll have to alter all the sheet sets too. I finally got the bed put up last month. My brother called yesterday to say they were coming down for the 4th holiday. Now I couldn't have him sleeping on ropes now could I? I put a rush order on it and the manufacturer told me he'd do his best to have it by then, so I praying it will be. Cliff wanted to just buy a whole new bed set, but I couldn't see doing that, and having to turn around and get a mattress for this also. And then I would have been stuck with a bed I had no use for.


  1. Love the bed! I have an old Jenny Lind that I found at a resale shop and paid $20 for it. It was a nostalgia piece - reminds me of my grandmother's. Great start on your new blog!

  2. Oh I just love it! Now, what kind of quilt to make for it??

  3. oough what a neat bed yoru found! ...and don't forget if you have to find new sheets for it - that will mean a new quilt for the top too! :) That is one thing that you can custom fit for sure.

    Glad to have found your blog! Love from Texas! ~bonnie


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