Jun 19, 2008


My work in progress, I'm working very hard to turn a dirt hill in to something beautiful.
I had a very ugly hill near the house, which was over grown and hard to maintain so I started a rock garden since basically there is only a very small amount of dirt there because of the erosion so I decided to put a rock garden in and try to build up the steep drop off enough to plant something. I just started last year and it's coming along pretty good. I carried each and every stone by hand. I had to go gather them from all around the property. Then I carried dirt which I dug from out back from a spot I wanted to level out . So I killed 2 birds with on stone. I got the back level and the sides built up to prepare for a planting. Here's how it looks this year, I will be adding more plants and doing work on getting the other parts fill up and ready for plants also. I know it doesn't look perfect but you have to start somewhere. I look back at how it use to be so barren and am pleased. I will continue to work on this until I have my oasis.These are pics of my garden in differnt states of being built. I have a goal in mind and just have to keeping doing it one day at a time until I reach it. I hope this inspires someone that thinks that have an unreachable goal. You have to start somewhere and just keep at it. This also the view out my sewing room, kitchen and dining room windows.


Thank you for your thoughts