Jun 20, 2008

Hancocks fabric sale

Our Hancocks is under construction so they were having a huge sale. Well I've always loved Batiks but only had a few because they were 10$ and up in price. Which I thought was alittle steep. But I got most of these for 4$ a yd, and the jouney collection has always been pricey but I always admired it too. It has never been on sale , still isn't but I had a coupon and I gave Cliff a coupon and we both got yds. of it. The ribbons and lace are for some CQ blocks we will be making for our HGTV swap. And the clear vinyl is for a bag I plan to make someone on the board. You put binding around the edges and put on the bag like a pocket and they can show off pics of their grandkids or children(etc.) I told Cliff I will probably not use these yet because I love to look at them. I have another fabric that I haven't been able to bring myself to cut it. I love it that much. Call me crazy, but you just know when it's right . Where ever it goes in might just be the one quilt I keep. Anyway here they are.


  1. oooguuughhhh - those are all so pretty! It'd be hard to pick a favorite! I have to confess, I'm jealous to hear that you still have a Hancock! The one 25min. from me closed about this time last year when the company declared bankrupsy. :( and that was my favorite store of all time!

    If you love batiks you shoudl look for the batik FQ swap that comes around each year - I forget who hosts it... but I did it once and got a great start to a wonderful collection of batiks! ;)

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  2. Oh! I love all your batiks! If you ever get the chance log on to BlueBamboo's web site and you'll be in for a treat!


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