Oct 15, 2008

The Gift

First, I must say if you double click the image it will enlarge it.
I got the most amazing gift in the mail today. My DS is a oil painter and she sent this to me via UPS. Now how lucky am I to have such a thoughtful, loving, talented sister. I just wish you could see this in real life and not just a small snapshot. My camera doesn't take the best of pictures but I wanted to share it with the world, and this is the only way. This picture brings back so many memories for me from when I was young. It gives me a feeling of serenity, those carefree days when we are young and would spend the summers at my grandma's. Me and my sister use to sit on her porch and play for hours. We would put on her bras and she'd give us a cup of coffee, boy we had the best times playing grown up. I remember one day me and her sit there and laughed so hard I peed my pants. My grandma was a hoot. We had a step grangfather we called Bill. And he drank a lot, so when he get drunk and pass out, grand ma would tell us if we would go get Bill's checkbook at of his pocket she'd take us to town. Now, going to town back then was a big thing for us when we stayed with her., She usually only went to town on special occasions. She lived on a farm and raised most everything we ate. We drank goats milk, and had laying chickens. I remember eating things like squirrel and dumplings. Bill even made his own brew, and shotgun shells. For me those were some of the best memories of my childhood and to look at this brings back so many.


  1. What talent! It's just beautiful. It also brings back memories for me too, not my childhood which was miserable, but of a porch & swing I had on a house I rented when my kids were babies.

    Oh the hours I spent swinging them to sleep with the sweet smell of honeysuckle drifting past. It's amazing the memories one painting can bring back.

  2. That is just so beautiful and i am in awe of her talent! Just amazing!

    Thank you for your kind words too ;) You're very sweet :)

  3. What a treasure! I can just picture you sitting there laughing and talking the night away night away. This picture is absolutely stunning!


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