Oct 28, 2008

My dottee dolls and CQ ornaments are done.

WOOHOO, I was really getting worried about finishing these on time. So I decided to not do anything else until I got these done. So glad I did, it took me longer then expected, but they are done and the deadline is still 3 weeks away. I have just one more thing to make and I'll be completely done with all my swaps.


  1. Donna, love your Dotees and your ornaments! I really like how did your blog. I decided to work on mine, and since it is so close to Halloween, my favorite decorating holiday, I did mine that way. Pop over and have a look when you get a chance.
    I am going to the PO today, so watch for your package in the mail soon.

  2. Wow, they are cute, cute! Love them all but really love the birds and deer on the heart.

    Well, I was jealous of your new changes! The ric rac is adorable. I am terrible with the computer but thought I'd give it a try and hoped I didn't lose everything! I DID IT! The first time the center didn't change, but I figured it out..I must be getting better at this stuff!

    Tisme's is cute but I can't do holiday's or it might have to stay that way forever. I already have phones that play Christmas all year because I can't figure out how to change it and have no idea how I got music in the first place. Getting to old to learn this stuff!

  3. LOL. Christmas all year. I'm glad you figured it out. I had always wanted a background so when I finally found some I just went for it. I even figured out how to make the title of my post link back to other blog post. I read a lot of blogs, so I try to post some of the tutorials I come across. I'm on my way to see your blogs face lift.

  4. I didn't go to the bottom of your blog until now..how cute! I like the coconuts falling off the tree!


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