Oct 2, 2008

The good and the bad," The Bumpy Road"

Good news, I finally finished piecing my sisters quilt. Boy was I proud of how it turned out. I worked hard at cutting all those pieces so each one would be different. Well 2000+ pieces later and all pit together, It's measured a 96x103, I thought this will be just great, looked so lovely spread across my bed, until the bad news I learned that she has newer bigger pillow top mattress and the 96" won't be long enough for the drop at the foot of the bed.But back to the good news, it's not quilted so I'll just remove the border and add some more rows. Now some more bad news, it will be too big for my quilting frame. Guess I'll call this quilt "The Bumpy Road"

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  1. oooo...i really like this one.....it shows up great when i click on it to enlarge it....


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