Oct 2, 2008

They are growing up

My 2 grandsons both got their first hair cuts and they are just handsome fellows. These 2 are different as day and night. Johns the blue eyed and Keiths the brown eyed. Now when John was a baby he was a hand full. He had colic and was a very fretful baby, but now he is the sweet child and so easy going and actually goes around picking his toys up and putting them in their rightful place. Guess he gets that part from his mother she is such a neat freak. But on the other hand Keith was the best baby, never cried just lsat there and entertained himself most of the time. If he fussed I knew he was either hungry or tired. Boy has all that changed, this child is a dare devil always climbing, even uses devices to get on top the taller stuff. And he loves nothing more then to be getting into things, he won't touch his toy for nothing. I'm so glad my daughter is soon to be moving into her new house where they will have their own room. I can't let the older ones get some of things out that they most love to play with because he is such a menace. Don't get me wrong I love him with all my heart, but he does get put in time out a lot. Most of the time I think I'm the one that need time out. Oh, I'm sorry back to the hair cuts.. .

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  1. What cuties you have for grandchildren!! The first haircuts are so much fun.
    I actually had just dropped in to add some prayers and thoughts for you and Cliff. But loved reading your blog. I am adding some prayers too for that beautiful granddaughter of yours. I am sure she will walk someday, and what a great idea for swimming. Many people who don`t walk, swim. It is a great excercise. Can`t wait to give you a big hug at the retreat in April.


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