Oct 21, 2008

What am I doing today

I stared making these little fabric baskets. Like I needed to start more projects. I felt the need to make some small gifts. I think we all like to get little unexpected gifts in the mail, and I thought these were cute and useful. Any one who does crafts or needle work of any kind can never have enough storage and or places to stash there things. I plan on embellishing them in some sort of way. I post my progress when I get to that point. I just took strip of fabric all sewn together and twist and sew with zigzag stitch.


  1. I know I am on the wrong subject but I didn't want you to miss my question.

    Day 2...the very cute birdie

    The directions say to put the ornies in a "bag". If these are swapped to someone sending in a bag, won't they get crushed? I am thinking of sending something in, but it can't be shipped in a bag..what to do, what to do...

  2. Holee, about how big would you say they are?


Thank you for your thoughts